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  • Union blockade of Georgia

    Union blockade of Georgia
    union forces basically focused on the centering in the middle of Savannah Georgia. this was a vetrian protection kind of community were they blocked everone else out it was a stratagey that they used
  • freedman's barnue

    freedman's  barnue
    it was a federal government agency that was created on 1865 wich is also known as freedman's burneue
  • andersonville prison camp

    andersonville prison camp
    it was a confederate prisoner of war it was in the last 12 months of the american civil war. wich is located near adersonville ga
  • Thirteenth amendment

    Thirteenth amendment
    neither slavery or involuntary servitude whatever crime they have done they have to just be at there jurisdiction.
  • ku klux klan was formed

    ku klux klan was formed
    it was six confederate veterans that created the ku klux klan in Tennessee it was during the reconstruction of the south civil war
  • fifteenth amendment

    fifteenth amendment
    This amendment prevents people from not letting other people from vote because of race, color and other was from the previous time. so it prohibits from people not letting them vote for that reason.
  • leo frank case

    leo frank case
    a Jewish man was placed on trial for rapping and murdering a 13 year old girl witch he manged it is one of Georgia most highly publicized cases.
  • eugene talmadge

    eugene talmadge
    He was a democratic polition that served two terms as the 67th governor of Georgia from 1933 to 1937 but he died before his last one inarguation
  • Booker t washington

    Booker t washington
    full name booker tallefeero washington he was an leader of the black race. He established an institute in Alabama.
  • plessy v. ferguson

    plessy v. ferguson
    He was one of the people that was there and he requested the equa rights between blacks ad whites but yes of course they were separated examples (schools, restrooms, public transportation and resturaunts)
  • alonzo herndon

    alonzo herndon
    He was an african american enturpenuir and buissness man.he was one of the first black millionairs of the united states
  • 1906 Atlanta riot

    1906 Atlanta riot
    The Atlanta race riot of 1906 was a mass civil disturbance in Atlanta, Georgia United States, which began the evening of September 22 and lasted until September 24, 1906. It was characterized at the time by Le Petit Journal and other media outlets as a "racial massacre of negroes.
  • John and lugenia hope

    John and lugenia hope
    They got married in 1897 and they moved to Atlanta and joined Atlanta baptist college witch is now morehouse college. he was later appointed to the institutes president. in 1906
  • web DuBois

    web DuBois
    In 1895 he became the first black man to get his ph.d, from Harvard university. he was one of the est known spokes person for the black African rights . during the first half of the 20th century.
  • Henry Mcneal turner

    Henry Mcneal turner
    he was a minister, pollination and he was the 12 elected preast at a church. he was a pioneer in GA.
  • Eugene talmage

    Eugene talmage
    he was Georgia 55 governor in 1907 he graduated from georgia university he established a legal career and he also farmed in Montgomery county
  • The great depression

    The great depression
    This day is known as black Tuesday. The great depression happen because of a stock crash witch means all of the markets just crashed . witch is known as the great depression.
  • civvilian conservation corps

    civvilian conservation corps
    it was a public work relief program for the unemployed un married me and relief from families. this was a new deal.
  • agiculture adjustment act

    agiculture adjustment act
    was a united states federal law of the new deal era wich reduced the agriculture production
  • Shermans march to the sea

    Shermans march to the sea
    it is more formally known as the Savannah campaign. the american civil war it conducted through Georgia.
  • Tom Watson and populist

    Tom Watson and populist
    he was an american position newspaper writer an attorney and a writer from Georgia
  • county unit system

    county unit system
    it was a voting sytem for the us that was made for primarly statewide elections
  • fourteenth amendment

    fourteenth amendment
    This was one of the reconstruction amendment it addresses the legal rights as a citizen and the equal amount of protection of the laws and it was a response of the issues that they were having.
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    international cotton exposition

    was a world's fair held in Atlanta, Georgia, from October 5 to December 31 of 1881. The location was along the Western & Atlantic Railroad tracks near the present-day King Plow Arts Center development in the West Midtown area.
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    world war one

    The war was created by the two presidents arguing witch started the war in 1914. this war left 17 million people dead and 20 million wounded.
  • Period: to

    The great deppresion

    The great depression was one of the most economic down turns in the history of the western industrialized states. The great depression happen after a big stock market crash in october 1929