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  • Tom Watson and the Populists

    Tom Watson and the Populists
    Tom and the populist threatened the Democratic partys control in Georgia. He was also running for president but failed to win. Later he got elected for senate.
  • Booker T. Washington

    Booker T. Washington
    Booker was a Black educator, author and advisor to presidents of the US. He was known for being a strong leader in the black community.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    This case was taken to the Supreme Court. This case sustained the entitlement of states to pass laws allowing racial separation.
  • Alonzo Herndon

    Alonzo Herndon
    Herndon was the son of his master who didnt claim him. He was also the first African American millionaire. His career consisted of him being an entrepreneur.
  • 1906 Atlanta Riot

    1906 Atlanta Riot
    Mobs of whites killed dozens of blacks during this riot. There are many reasons for this riot including black males assulting white females.
  • John and Lugenia Hope

    John and Lugenia Hope
    John was an important leader in the civil rights movement. Lugenia Burns Hope was an early-twentieth-century social activist, reformer, and community organizer.
  • WEB DuBois

    WEB DuBois
    WEB DuBois aka William Edward Burghardt was an sociologist, historian, and civil rights activist and more. He was known for his books such as "Further Chronicles of Avonlea", "Black Reconstruction", and "The Crisis".
  • Leo Frank Case

    Leo Frank Case
    This case was about a Jewish male who managed a company at which a 13 year-old girl work. He was on trial and convicted of raping and murdering the child.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps

    Civilian Conservation Corps
    The CCC was a collective work relief program that was active from mid 30s to mid 40s for jobless, single men. This provided jobs for thousands of Americans during the Great Depression.
  • Agriculture Adjustment Act

    Agriculture Adjustment Act
    Th AAA was an addition to the New deal and became a law to decrease agricultural generation. The farmers were payed a sum of money given by the government so the wouldnt plant on part of their land and kill off additional livestock.
  • Richard Russell

    Richard Russell
    He was a politician from Georgia. Russell was a democrat and shortly served as a speaker of the house. Russell was the organizer and director of the conservative coalition that dictaded congress
  • Eugene Talmadge

    Eugene Talmadge
    Talmadge was a democratic politician who was the 67th governor. Before he became governor he ran for the legislative office but was unsuccessful. He was know for being a strong leader.
  • Carl Vinson

    Carl Vinson
    Carl was a democrat and served for more than 5 decades. He was one of the longest members of the house of reps.
  • Social Security Act

    Social Security Act
    This act created a system of old-age benefits for sufferers of industrial casualties. It was made during president Roosevelt's first term.
  • Rural Electrification

    Rural Electrification
    This act provided loans to install electricity to rural areas. most of the companies that helped are still active now
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    This attack was done by the Japanese. 2,403 Americans died and 1,178 were injured.
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    International Cotton Exposition

    This fair was held in Oglethorpe Park in Atlanta. The purpose of the exposition was to attract tourist and visitors.
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    World War l

    This was a global war. World War l was started becuase of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferndinand. 2 Alliances were created during this war: The allies and central powers.
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    County Unit System

    This was a method of voting used to decide the winner in statewide primary elections. This method was used in Georgia only.
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    Great Depression

    This was an terrible and devastating global economic fall that occured in the 1930's. The Great Depression started when the stock market crashed, and slowly everything else.
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    this was the mass murder of Jews. Hitler was responsible for this genocide. about 6 million jews were sentenced to death.
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    This war was the deadliest conflict in world history. the second war was caused by Hitler invading Poland.