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  • Tom Watson and the Populists

    Tom Watson and the Populists
    He was elected the Georgia General Assembly in 1882. Georgia politics were shocked by the arrival of the Populists party.
  • Booker T. Washington

    Booker T. Washington
    Booker was an american educator and an author. He was the dominant leader in the African-American Community
  • Alonzo Herndon

    Alonzo Herndon
    He was a barber and a entrepreneur. He was the founder and President of the Atlanta Life Insurance Company.
  • 1906 Atlanta Riot

    1906 Atlanta Riot
    This was a civil mass disturbance in Atlanta, Georgia. White mobs killed lots of blacks. Assaults were by black males and females.
  • Leo Frank Case

    Leo Frank Case
    This case was the most highly cases in Georgia. Leo was a jewish man who was accused of raping and murdering a 13 year old girl. she worked for a Pencil Company. It happened in Atlanta.
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act

    Agricultural Adjustment Act
    This act was so farmers can limit their crops so the prices in them go up. The cotton prices actually increased fro 6.52 cents to 12.36 cents per pound. The nickname for this act was AAA.
  • Civilian Conservation Corps

    Civilian Conservation Corps
    This camp was basically were men went and built new things like parks and planted trees. By September over 500,000 men were in this camp.
  • Richard Russell

    Richard Russell
    He was a american politician. Served in senate for 40 years.
  • Carl Vinson

    Carl Vinson
    The longest serving member of the House of Representative from Georgia. Known as "The Father of the Two-Ocean Navy".
  • Rural Electrification

    Rural Electrification
    This was to bring electricity to rural areas. This electricity was used for household electricity, and farming operation.
  • Eugene Talmadge

    Eugene Talmadge
    He was a Democratic politician. He was Georgia's 55th governor.
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    This was a landmark constitutional law. The decision was by a 7 to 1 majority opinion.
  • WEB Dubois

    WEB Dubois
    He was a civil rights activist. He was the founder of Advancement of Colored People.
  • John and Lugenia Hope

    John and Lugenia Hope
    John and Lugenia formed neighborhood union. 1906 Hope became the first black president if More House University.
  • Social Security

    Social Security
    This was to provide provision for aged people, blind people, dependent and cripple children maternal and child welfare,public health and etc. Signed by president Franklin D. Roosevelt.
  • Pearl Harbor

    Pearl Harbor
    More than 2,000 soldiers and sailors died in this attack. 1,000 were wounded. The Japanese attacked the U.S naval base.
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    International Cotton Exposition

    This was a fair held in Atlanta, Ga. This era was before radio and television.
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    World War I

    This was the first World War. This was one of the deadliest conflicts in history.
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    Great Depression

    It began right after the stock market crash of October 1929. 13 to 15 million Americans were unemployed.
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    6 million jews were killed. The Nazis wanted the Jews seperated from everyone else. Adolf Hitler was in charge of the things that was happening.
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    County Unit System

    Georgia legislature was dominated by the Democratic Party. It was established in 1917.
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    World War II

    This war involved over 100 million people over 30 countries. 85 million people were dead. Adolf Hitler invaded Poland and he allied defeated the Nazi Germany and Japan which took six deadly years.