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  • Tom Watson and the Populists

    Tom Watson and the Populists
    He was characterized as a liberal and early years
  • Plessy v. Ferguson

    Plessy v. Ferguson
    The court considered it as a constitutionality of Homer Plessy and the legislative made a crime out of it and also passed to 1890 and there was a plaintiff of 75 whites and one black.
  • 1906 Atlanta Riot

    1906 Atlanta Riot
    It was mass civil disturbance in Atlanta all white go a group of people and killed dozen the blacks and scores of others,
  • WEB DuBois

    WEB DuBois
  • Leo Frank case

    Leo Frank case
    One of his cases was baddest and it was highly public case of legal of Atlanta.He was a Jewish man who came to Atlanta for travailing case by "raping and murdering a thirteen-year-old girl who worked for the National Pencil Company," and was spreed to the nation.
  • Booker T. Washington

    Booker T. Washington
    He was more famous between 1895 to 1915 and was a also a African american leader of the 19 to the 20 century and an influential education also he vised president Theodore Roosevelt
  • Period: to

    County Unit System

    IT was a unique primary system allotting votes by county and was formalized by the Democratic party and impact of growing urban centuries like Atlanta.
  • Period: to

    International Cotton Exposition

    It was held in the location in Georgia in nine-century and it was before radio and television .