Changes In Europe

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Tilly%20dying Start Of 30 Years War The war was not only a religious clash between Catholics and protestants, but also a political dispute between european powers.
396px king charles i by antoon van dyck Reign of Charles I Begins Charles I lived from 1600 - 1649. From March of 1625 till his execution, he was king of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He was generally mistrusted by his people.
320px electorate of saxony 1648 Treaty Of Prauge A treaty of peace between The Holy Roman Empire and many Lutheran Provinces during the 30 years war.
220px cromwell at dunbar andrew carrick gow English Civil War The English Civil Wars started between the supporters of King Charles and supporters of parlement, and were centered around disputes between Parliamentarians and Royalists.
Map End Of 30 Years War The 30 years war ends. German Princes are weaked, the Hapsburgs are strengthened.
220px charles ii of england in coronation robes Restoration Of Monarchy After several wars, The English, Scottish, and Irish Monarchys were all restored under Charles II.
200px godfreykneller isaacnewton 1689 Newton Discovers Calculous Though several mathematitions contributed, Newton was creidited with the discovory of calculous.
220px james ii 1633 1701 James II becomes king of England, Ireland, and Scotland After the death of Charles II, James II takes over. He was the last Catholic monarch to rule over all three kingdoms.
Mary stuart queen mary ii of england Rule Of Willam and Mary Begins William the II and III and Queen Mary all ruled jointly over the Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland.
Bank england226 Founding of Bank of England Today, The Bank of England is still used in much of the UK and the Bank of England is the model on which modern day banks are based.
220px juan de miranda carreno 002 Charles II of Spain Dies Charles II was the last Hapsburg king of spain. His death was a major cause of the War of Spanish Succesion.
226px king george i by sir godfrey kneller, bt %283%29 Beginning of reign of George I of Hanover During his reign, the power the monarchy held was greatly diminished. He was more similar to a prime minister than a king.
Peter close2 Peter The Great Of Russia Dies Peter I, self titled "Peter The Great" was Czar of Russia and is credited with modernizing the country.
John wesley The Methodist Church Is Founded Methodism is a branch of Protestantism founded by John Wesley.
800px benjamin west 005 Seven Years War begins The 7 Years War was a war involving most of the powers of Europe that affected Europe and parts of Asia and North America.
413px george iii in coronation edit George III becomes king George was king of United Kingdom, and also Duke of Hanover until his death in 1820.
Louisxvi Louis of France marries Marie Antoinette The french people initialy disliked Marie Antoinette because of her Austrian ancestry, and accused her of helping enamies of France.
800px charles green13 Gordon Riots Occur The Gordon Riots were anti-Catholic riots in England. They were caused because of a 1778 act removing some penalties imposed on Roman Catholics. 100's were killed.
350px prise de la bastille French Revoloution Begins The French revolution started with the barring of the estates general. It was almost immpossible for anything to happen for the good of the people due to unfair representation.
Guillotine 15229 lg Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette are executed Many nobles were executed during and after the French reveloution because of fears that they might try to rise to power.