Breathing Underwater

Timeline created by rhermsmeyer
  • Court Room

    Court Room
    Nick Andreas has to go to court for hitting his girlfriend, Catilin, and he has to go to Family Violence Class, and has to keep a journal.
  • Family Violence Class

    Family Violence Class
    Nick's first day of Family Violence Class.
  • Nick's Room - Second Week of F.V.C.

    Nick's Room - Second Week of F.V.C.
    Nicks is late for F.V.C. because his dad sold his car, so he had to take the train to get to class.
  • Key Biscayne High

    Key Biscayne High
    Nick went back to school, and people are talking about him. He lost his friends and most importantly Tom.
  • Spanish Class

    Spanish Class
    Nick is in Spanish Class and he is going through pictures of him and Tom on vacation. During class Nick gives Tom the pictures of them. After class, Tom tells him they're not friends anymore.
  • Family Violence Class

    Family Violence Class
    Nick is in F.V.C. and they talk about hanging out with their girlfriends friends, and if their girlfriends like hanging out with his friends.
  • Parking Lot At 7-Eleven

    Parking Lot At   7-Eleven
    Nick tries to call Cailtin but decides not to.
  • On the phone

    On the phone
    Nick and Caitlin have a littlle fight about her going or not going to the game without him. After awhile Caitlin tells Nick that she's not going to go.
  • Hallway By Mr.Christie's Class

    Hallway By Mr.Christie's Class
    Nick goes out of the class he's in to see if he can see Caitlin. In the hall they talk about what happened. After they get done talking Caitlin tells Nick, "Thanks for reminding me why I can't be with you."
  • Last Place I want to be on Valentines Day

    Last Place I want to be on Valentines Day
    At F.V.C they talk about if their parents have ever hurt or abused them. Leo opens up about his past. Leo tells them about how his step-dad made him hit his brother because he must have did someting bad. That was Leo's twin brother, his brother ran in front of a train and died.
  • Hallway Behind The Fruitopia Machine

    Hallway Behind The Fruitopia Machine
    Today was Cailtin's birthday and Nick gets Caitlin a bouquet of flowers.
  • Texaco Off Rickenbacker Causeway

    Texaco Off Rickenbacker Causeway
    Nick sees Caitlin at the gas station with Saint.
  • Main Highway, Coconut Grove

    Main Highway, Coconut Grove
    Nick tries to find Caitlin and he did. While he was sitting there in his car he talks to a cop, about why he is there watching Caitlin and Elsa. Nick sees Leo and Leo comes over to talk to Nick.
  • Hallway Outside Mr. Christies Class

    Nick calls Caitlin about Saint about what he Saint said to Nick in the hallway. Nick and Caitlin are going to talk about what Saint said to him, and Nick wants Caitlin to come over to where the dolphins are at. That was their special place.
  • Beach Behind My House

    Caitlin never did show up to Nick's house.
  • Nick has a fantasy.

    Nick has a fantasy.
    Nick thought that if Caitlin and him got back together than she would drop all of the charges.
  • English Class

    Nick get's his English assignment he got an A+.Nick gets another assignment to do over the weekend he has to write a poem. When class is over he sees Caitlin in the hall kissing Saint.
  • After Class, Coconut Grave

    After Class, Coconut Grave
    AFter F.V.C. Nick and Mario have a talk about Caitlin, and if he's talked to her or has seen her.Mario tells Nick that he knows that he's talked to Caitlin. When Nick's about ready to leave Mario gives Nick his number in case he wants to talk aout anything.
  • Leo's House On Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove

    Leo's House On Bayshore Drive, Coconut Grove
    Nick went to Leo's house to watch a game. Leo shows Nick the gun he has and that he's going to use it if anyone tries to hurt him or Neysa. Leo tells Nick he could use it anytime he wants to.
  • 10:30 P.M.--My Desk, Third Straight Hour

    10:30 P.M.--My Desk, Third Straight Hour
    Nick's in class, and he's writing a poem.He ends up writing about Tom and Caitlin and he wonders if things could have been different with either one of them.
  • 8:00 A.M--Miss Higgins Room

    Miss Higgins tells Nick and Elsa to stay after class for awhile. She doesn't think that Nick did his assignment, when he really did, he just didn't want to read it outloud.
  • My Bedroom

    Nick sees Saint in the hallway. Saint tells Nick to leave Caitlin alone. Nick ends up ripping up a picture of him and Tom because they weren't really friends anymore.
  • 9:00 P.M.-- Mustard Watermelon Bar, South Miami

    9:00 P.M.-- Mustard Watermelon Bar, South Miami
    Nick calls Caitlin from a pay-phone. Caitlin wonders why Nick always calls her. Nick goes with Leo to a bar where Leo introduces Nick to Laura, but Nick has no interst in her. So he ends up leaving and takes a cab home.
  • Passing Period After Miss Higgin's English Class

    Ms. Higgins asks where Nick got his black eye. Nick says he got it from a friend. Ms. Higgins knows where he got it from, she knows about his dad. Nick asks her not to say anything to his father because otherwise he'll get meaner.
  • Miss Higgins Classroom

    Miss Higgins Classroom
    Nick walks into class and he finds a note on his desk from Ms. Higgins. Its addressed to his father, but Nick reads it anyway. It talks about what a good student Nick is. Nick asks Ms. Higgins if she really meant what she said in the note. Nick really appreciates what she said about him.
  • Mario's Class

    Nick is at F.V.C. and Mario talks to Nick about how he acted toward Caitlin. Why he was so mad at her. Later after class, Leo goes with Leo and Neysa to do some work at a carnival. Leo is acting really rude to Neysa. He's been acting rude to everybody.
  • 9:30 A.M.-- Mario's Class

    9:30 A.M.-- Mario's Class
    Something is wrong with Mario. He was really nervous about something, he was pacing back and forth. There's someting wrong with Leo, something bad happened.
  • A Minute Later, Mario's Empty Classroom

    A Minute Later, Mario's Empty Classroom
    Mario asks Nick if he was friends with Leo. Mario tells Nick that Leo is dead. Nick finally realizes that he pretty much acted like Leo did. Nick wants to change the way he acted.
  • 7:15 A.M.-- My Bedroom

    7:15 A.M.-- My Bedroom
    Nick calls Caitlin and apologizes for what he has done. Caitlin doesn't except it.
  • That Day, Lunch Hour

    That Day, Lunch Hour
    Nick and Caitlin have a little fight about going or not going to the game or not. Enen though Caitlin really wants to go, she ends up going to Nick's after school.
  • Mario's Class (Last Day!!!!)

    Last day of F.V.C. clsas they talk about what they have learned. They find out that Mario was just like them, and Mario tells them what happened between him and his wife. Nick tells Mario that he wants to take the class over, and Nick leaves Mario with his notebook so he can read it.
  • 1:00 P.M.

    1:00 P.M.
    Nick is watching T.V. and his dad gets up from his napand comes into the room. He shuts the T.V. off and hits a can of Mountain Dew Nick was drinking, and tells Nick to clean it up. Nick tells his dad NO because he's the one who spilled it. Nick yells at his dad to stop yelling.
  • Nick's 16th Birthday

    Nick's 16th Birthday
    Nick's 16th birthday.
  • 7:25 A.M. -- Key Biscayne High Parking Lot.

    7:25 A.M. -- Key Biscayne High Parking Lot.
    Today is Nick's 17th birthday. Nick got his keys back to his car. Nick gets to school and park's by Tom. Tom tells Nick that Caitlin went to live with her dad. Tom and Nick make up and are firends again.
  • Second Week of Sophomore Year

    Second Week of Sophomore Year
    This is the first day that Nick sees Caitlin.
  • Seventh Period Class

    Tom introduces Nick to Caitlin. Nick drives Caitlin home after school. Nick asks Catlin if she would like to go to Zack's party with him.
  • Before Zack's Party

     Before Zack's Party
    Nick is at Tom's house for supper before they go to the party. The Carters' talk about how Tom's future. Tom really wants to be an artist but his parents plan on him coming back to be a lawyer.
  • At Zack's Party

    Nick and Cailtin are at Zack's party. Nick doesn't like it when Patrick was hitting on her or giving her a compliment on how skinny she is. Nick didn't like that so much that he punched Patrick and they got in this huge fight.
  • After Zack's party

    After Zack's party
    Nick and Cailtin talk about Elsa, and how Nick doesn't want her around. Pretty soon Elsa wasn't around and Caitlin didn't hang out with her. Caitlin had joined Nick's group of friends
  • Later That Day- The fight between Nick and his dad

    Later That Day- The fight between Nick and his dad
    Nick wakes up at 3:00 in the morning. He wakes up to his light being turned on by his angry dad. His dad is mad because he thought that Nick bought the beer for Zack's party. Nick wrote beer on the list so that Rosa could buy. His dad did not believe him for one second, his dad was so mad that he slapped him across the face.
  • Later That Day

    Caitlin comes over to Nick's house to see what's up, why he's acting weird. Caitlin finds out that Nick's dad hit him across the face. They talk about why it happened, and that he should do smoething about it.
  • The Following Week

    Nick meets Caitlin's Mom. Caitlin's mom is dressed like she is younger than she really is. She does a bunch of things to make her look young. Her mom and dad got a divorce, and Caitlin lives with her mom. Nick sees the necklace that Caitlin is wearing and does not like it at all, and tells her to take it off. Caitlin was very upset with that.
  • Later That Day- Journal

    Later That Day- Journal
    Nick and Caitlin go behind his house, to the shore. Nick tells Caitlin and old story, old legends about dolphins. Caitlin has already heard that story. Then him and Caitlin went to play in the water. Caitlin forgive Nick for throwing out her necklace.
  • My Room. Ten Minutes Later

    Tom and Nick have a fight about how he's acting toward Caitlin, and Nick just laughs. Nick can't find Caitlin. He finally finds her in the chorus room, with a guy she was practicing her song with. After that was over, Nick and Caitlin went outside to find out what happened, and Nick was so mad that he grabbed Caitlin's arm so hard it turned red.
  • Later That Day

    Nick was waiting for Caitlin. So Nick slipped into the chorus room to see or to listen to what was going on. He didn't like what he saw between Derek and Caitlin.It kind of seemed like they were flirting. Derek didn't know that them two were dating. Nick grabbed Caitlin's arm even harder because he was even more mad at her.
  • Mario's Class

    Nick at F.V.C. and they talk about if you've ever hit someone, and how you should never hit someone. They wonder if it's self-defense. They talk about if their girlfriends ever forgot to pick them up and what they would do or say because they're mad at her because she forgot.
  • Later That Day-- Halloween

    Later That Day-- Halloween
    Nick and Caitlin and some friends go to the Pizza Place where they usually go. After they leave Tom brings up the trip to Key West and asks if Caitlin was going. She said no at first because it was the weekend where she has to go see her real dad, and then finally said yes.
  • Homecoming Game

    Homecoming Game
    Caitlin and Liana gets Homecoming Princess. Caitlin tells Nick that this was the best day of her life because of Nick.
  • After the Homecoming Game-Sorority

    Nick and Caitlin go to the Keys with their friends. All the guys are pretty much drunk, and everybody is making fun of Caitlin and how she used to be really fat. After that's all over Nick takes her home, almost home.
  • At Key West

    The kids go to the bar and the guys get drunk. Nick notices Caitlin flirting with Zack. Then Nick went in to break up what was happening. Caitlin's mom said that she couldn't keep the ring, but she does anyway.
  • Later That Day at 7:00--

    Later That Day at 7:00--
    The guys and girls go to the ocean, to go snorkeling. They play a game to see who could find the first shark, and Liana did find a shark. Nick pretty much forced Caitlin to go by the shark, and Caitlin was terrified but she did anyway.
  • While in the car-Journal

    Nick and Caitlin are in the car driving back from the Key West trip. While in the car Nick is driving really crazy, he's like swerving. Caitlin tries to talk to him but he won't listen, he just keeps doing what he was doing. Nick slaps Caitlin across the face for grabbing the wheel and alnost killing them, when Nick's the one swerving.
  • After getting back from the trip.

    Nick couldn't find Caitlin but when he does Caitlin tells him that she can't see him anymore because of what happened.
  • Later, When I Wake Up For The Second Time

    Liana bring up the Winterfest Concert, and asks Caitlin if she was going to be in it. Nick told Caitlin that she is not going to be in it because he said so.
  • Nick's house--Journal

    Nick's house--Journal
    Nick's dad is proud of him for finally becoming a man. His dad tells her to go buy Caitlin something nice but instead he jsut drives around for awhile.
  • My Room, Later That Day

    My Room, Later That Day
    Nick ends up spending the night at Tom's house. They talk about their dad's and if Tom ever fights with his. Nick is wondering if he should tell Tom about what happened between Caitlin and Nick, but he doesn't he just keeps it to himself.
  • Ten Minutes Later, In My Room

    Nick finds out that Caitlin has a solo in the Winterfest Concert. So Nick asks Ashley if he'll go to the concert with him and also go to Rusty Pelican's where him and Caitlin always go. Nick only asked Ashley to go with him so that he would convince Caitlin to not be in the concert, and it works.
  • My Room

    My Room
    Nick realizes he is just like Leo.
  • After F.V.C. Class- Journal

    After F.V.C. Class- Journal
    Nick and Caitlin are at the Carnival, Derek told Cat that her name was in the program. Nick tells Caitlin that she is not going to sing.
  • 3:00 A.M.-- Beach Behind My Father's House

    Nick and Caitlin went to the concert. Caitlin ended up singng in the concert, and wore Nick's favorite aqua dress. After she was done singing Nick yelled at her. While in the car Nick was so mad he slapped her again. This time Tom and Liana saw her crying and came over to the car to see what happened, and now they know why she was crying.