Boston Bruins

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  • Bruins established

    Bruins established
    The bruins were established in 1924 by Charles Adams.
  • First stanley cup championship

    First stanley cup championship
    The bruins won their very first stanley cup championship in 1929 against the Ny Rangers
  • 2nd championship

    2nd championship
    The bruins won their 2nd championship in 1939 against the Toranto Maple Leafs
  • 3rd championship

    3rd championship
    The bruins won their 3rd championship in 1941 against the Detroit Red Wings.
  • Bobby Orr

    Bobby Orr
    Bobby Orr Bobby orr was drafted to the bruins in the first round draft in 1966
  • Phil Esposito

    Phil Esposito
    Phil Esposito was drafted to the Bruins in 1967
  • 4thstanley cup

    4thstanley cup
    the boston bruins win their fourth stanley cup championship in 1970 against the St. Louis Blues
  • 5th championship

    5th championship
    the boston bruins won their 2nd stanley cup in 1972 with the famous game winning goal by bobby orr against the NY Rangers
  • Bruins loss of Cam neely

    Bruins loss of Cam neely
    Cam Neely Boston Bruin’s star forward returned after his playoff injury. In the 1991 Conference finals, Neely was checked and then in the sixth game hit in the same knee. Neely was later diagnosed with Myositis Ossificans. Neely played in only nine of eighty games in the 91-92 season. The bruins struggled the rest of the season.
  • Tyler seguin

    Tyler seguin
    tyler seguin gets drafted 2nd round to the boston bruins in 2010 as a rookie.
  • 6th and most recent championship

    6th and most recent championship
    2011 stanley cup championshipThe bruins won their most recent stanley cup in 2011 against the Vancouver Canucks in game 7 with Zdeno Chara leading as the captain.
  • Youngest hat trick.

    Youngest hat trick.
    seguins hat trickTyler seguin gets the current NHL record for youngest player in the NHL to score a hat trick in their game against the Toranto Maple Leafs in november 2011. the bruins won that game 7-0
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    all bruins seasons from start to the present day season
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    2010/2011 season

    their first game of the 2010 season was against the pheonix coyotes on october 9. ended in June after they won the stanley cup