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Timeline 18th Nov, 0600 Germanic Longships From the 7th century to around the 11th century, Germanic tribes used longships to raid other ships.
Timeline 18th Nov, 1100 Chinese "Junk" Between the 12th and 15th centuries, the Chinese "junk," or djong, is perfected. This is the later Song dynasty
New%20mast 18th Nov, 1400 Multiple Masts In the 15th century, multiple masts on European cargo ships were added. They quickly became standard for large ships.
Timeline 16th Nov, 1571 Battle of Lepanto This is the last recorded naval battle powered by oarsmen.
Timeline New Warship Invented Between 260 and 255 BC, Romans capture a Carthoginian ship with 5 banks of oarsmen. It was large and heavy, ideal for battle use to batter other boats.
Phoenician%202%20bank%20boat The Bireme Boat Around 700 BC, Poenicians invented a boat with two banks of oarsmen, one above the other, for faster travel. This was called a bireme.
Timeline Two Different Designs By 1100 BC, the Phoenicians had invented two diffent types of boats. One, squat and tubby with rounded ends for passengers and cargo. The other was longer and sharp at one end for battle.
Giza%20boat Boat at Giza In 2500 BC, Ancient Egyptions buried a boat made of planks of cedar next to the Giza pyramid.