Blas Life

Timeline created by blopezh
  • Born

    i was born in phx Arizona.
  • moved to tuscon

    i moved to tucson to live with my dad.
  • seaworld

    my family and i went to see world when i was little.on are way back i got really sick over the salt water that have gotten splash on me
  • attended school

    i was 5 years old when i started riding school, i was shy at first but got use to it.
  • first time riding bike

    the first time practicing on riding a bike i didnt have training wheel and i got the concept on riding a bike the first my uncle bought me a little motor bike and i was awsome.
  • swim

    when i was little skinny kid i use to be on a swim team it was fun and isomthing i would never forget
  • burn

    i burned my leg and i was a 2nd degree burn.i was the worse pain i have ever felt.
  • i played for a little leg-football

    it was fun and have alot of close friends from that team still till this day.
  • first phone

    i was excited to have a phone at the age 9. i felt like the coolest kid.
  • moved to gilbert

    i moved back in with me mom and stared attending gilbert schools.
  • drove

    i started driving at the age 13.
  • football

    i played football for mesquite high.
  • job

    got my first job.
  • first time toast

    i made my first time toast when in my first hour. it was fun and easy.
  • award

    i gotten an award in a cross country runner race and i got a medol on being the first 12