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  • First artificial heart-lung apparatus

    M. von Frey and M. Gruber (Leipzig) build and use the first artificial heart-lung apparatus for organ perfusion studies. Their device relies on a thin film of blood and included heating and cooling chambers, manometers, and sampling outlets, which permits monitoring of temperature, pressure, and blood gases during perfusion.
  • First hemodialysis of 5 patients

    First hemodialysis of 5 patients
    G. Haas (Germany) performs first clinical hemodialysis of 5 patients, using a modification of the Hopkins artificial kidney.
  • Heparin used for the first time

    Heparin used for the first time
    Heparin is used for the first time in human patients by Gordon Murray of Toronto.
  • Stationary drum artificial kidney developed by G. Murray

  • First neural prothesis

  • First successful kidney transplant

    First successful kidney transplant
    The first successful kidney transplant in unrelated humans is performed by Joseph Murray of Boston
  • First human cardiac transplant is carried out by Christian Barnard of South Africa

  • First clinical application of a fully-implantable circulatory support system