Biography on Neil .A. Armstrong

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Timeline 1930 Born to Stephen and Viola Armstrong He was the first child they had and by 1940 he had two other siblings.
Tin goose First flight in plane called Tin Goose The Tin Goose was the first plane he ever flew in. He flew in it at age six with his dad. He was interested with how it could fly so he stuidied hard and became an astronaut. The Apollo 11 mission was not the first mission he had accepted, he flew in the
Gemini 8.
800px blume high school  wapakoneta Attended Blume high School He graduated Blume High school with confidence and recomendations. He moved on to Purdue University, he graduated the University, with a Batchlor's degree in areonautical engineering.
Marriage Marriage Neil Armstrong married Janet .E. Shearon. In later years they would have two children. Janet died seven years after their marriage. Neil remarried and, with his wife came her daughter.
Training Spent over one year training for his mission Neil .A. Armstrong spent over one year traning for this historic mission. He had to go through a series of tests and instructional meetings, before he was allowed to go up into space.
Timeline 1962 Neils daughter passed away. Neils one and only daughter died, that left him two children, one of his own, and one step daughter.
Apollo 11 launch Launched Apollo 11 The rocket was launched on July,16 ,1969. In Cape Kennedy Florida on launch pad 39a . Once launched, control was switched from Cape Kennedy to Manned Spacecraft Center which is now called Johnson Space Center.
Landing Landed on the Moon On July 20 1969 Neil .A. Armstrong set foot on the moon, for the frst time in history. He was accompanied by Buzz Aldrin.
Neil was the first human on the moon. He was scheduled for two moon walks four hours apart but insisted on doing them one hour apart.
11 earth Set foot back on earth. Neil set foot back on normal land. He had to be in quarantine for two weeks with Aldrin and, Collins. Once relesed from quarantine he spent a few days resting then he went and adressed the public with President Nixon.
Timeline Neil is not dead. Glad to type this, Neil Armstrong is not dead.
He is currently eighty-one and, living in Ohio on a small farm.