Bill Gates Timeline

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  • Bill Gates was born

  • At the age of 15, Bill Gates went into business with his pal, Paul Allen. They developed "Traf-o-Data," a computer program that monitored traffic patterns in Seattle, and netted $20,000 for their efforts.

  • Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975.

    Bill Gates founded Microsoft in 1975.
  • Gates placed himself as the head of Microsoft, which grossed $2.5 million in 1978. Gates was only 23.

  • In mid-1981 Gates and Allen incorporated Microsoft, and Gates was appointed president and chairman of the board. Allen was named executive vice-president.

  • By 1983, Microsoft was going global with offices in Great Britain and Japan, and with 30 percent of the world's computers running on its software.

  • Bill Gates and Microsoft launched Windows; nearly two years after his announcement.

  • Melinda French and Bill were married in Hawaii

  • Bill Gates stepped down from the day-to-day operations of Microsoft in 2000, turning over the job of CEO to college friend Steve Ballmer who had been with Microsoft since 1980.

  • Bill Gate's last full day at Microsoft.

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