Bilingual Education Through the Years

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Bilingual 1 1 Ohio adopts bilingual Education Ohio adopts a bilingual education law allowing German-English instruction at the parent's request
Native american Native-American children forced to attend off-reservation school Federal Officials begin seperating Native Americans children from their families and forced to attend boarding schools off the reservation. Students were punished when caught speaking in their native language.
Wisconsin First anti-bilingual education passed Wisconsin and Illinois attempt to institute English-Only schools.
100px seal of the united states supreme court svg Meyers v. Nebraska Nebraska enacted a statute saying "An act relating to the teaching of foreign languages in the state of Nebraska," commonly known as the Siman Act. This prohibited anyone from teaching any language other than the English language. The Nebraska law violated the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment.
Timeline Del Rio Independent School District v Salvatierra Texas court finds that the school district cannot segregate spanish speaking students but a higher court rules that in order to teach english to spanish speaking students it is necessary to seperate the students.
Eradicated Bilingual Education eradicated Bilingual education was virtually eracticated throughout the United States.
Cuban Bilingual Education reborn Bilingual Education is reborn in Dade County, FL. Cuban immigrants request bilingual schooling for their children
250px united states capitol west front edit2 1 Congress finances education projects Congress authorized $7.5 billion to finance 76 bilingual projects.
Chinese Lau v. Nichols Chinese non-english speaking students sue San Fransico Unified School District claining "sink or swim" violated their civil rights
815a0f2d 6b73 5b35 807b 6f5424d2e2cc.image t540 1 Proposition 227 California rejects bilingual education. It required public schools to teach "limited english proficient," this essentially eliminated bilingual classes.
275px no child left behind act No Child Left Behind Federal funding is availble to support schools in educating english learners.
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Bilingual Challenges through the Years