Biggie Smalls

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  • Birth of Christopher Wallace

    Birth of Christopher Wallace
    Christopher Latore Wallace was born in saint Mary's hospital by his mother Volleta Wallace and Selwyn George Latore, a Jamaican welder and politician.
  • His father leaves

    His father leaves
    Christopher's father left his family when Christopher was only two years old and left Voletta Wallace working two jobs to provide for the family
  • Arrested

    Christopher was arrested on a weapons charge
  • dropping out of highschool

    dropping out of highschool
    Christopher dropped out of highschool to become a full time drug dealer
  • first child

    first child
    Biggie's daughter T'Yonna was born with long time girlfriend.
  • first record deal

    first record deal
    after he got out of prison Biggie Smalls first recording deal was with Uptown Records
  • marriage

    they married each other after 9 days after they met eachother
  • Solo artist

    Solo artist
    Biggie Received his first pop chart success as a solo artist.
  • Biggie topped the billboard

    Biggie topped the billboard
    His most famous song "juicy" topped the billboards and went down as one of the best rap songs of all time
  • Tupac Shakur is shot 4 times During a robbery in NYC

    Tupac Shakur is shot 4 times During a robbery in NYC
    he says Biggie is involved someway in the shooting.
    starts East Coast/West Coast War
  • Biggie hits top 40 with '"Big poppa"

    Biggie hits top 40 with '"Big poppa"
    He gets into he top 40 billboard with his hit singe "big Poppa"
  • Death

    death by homicide in California. The shooter was never found and its still a mystery today