Beltway Sniper Attacks

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Timeline First Victim At 6:30 P.M. James Martin is shot and killed while crossing a parking lot in Wheaton Maryland in the first of the attacks.
Timeline Five More Murders Four people are shot in Montgomery County Maryland over the span of two hours and later in the eveining another person is shot in Washington D.C. James L. Buchanan while mowing a lawn, Premkumar Walekar while pumping gas, Sarah Ramos outside a shopping center, Ann Lewis-Rivera while vacuming her car, and Pascal Charlot while walking down Virginia Avenue.
Timeline Woman Wounded Caroline Seawell is wounded while loading her minivan outside of Sportsylvania Mall, just outside of the city of Fredricksburg, Virginia. Witnesses say there was a white van speeding away from scene.
Timeline 13-year Old Boy Shot Outside of School Iran Brown is shot as he arrives at Benjamin Tasker Middle School in Bowie Maryland. Despite serious injuries he survives the attacks and later testifys at Muhammad's trial. At the crime scene investigators discover bullet casings and a tarrot card. It is the death tarrot card and written in three lines on it are, "For you mr. Police. Call me God. Do not release to the press."
Timeline FBI Analysist Killed FBI Analysist Linda Franklin is killed while walking to her car with her husdband outside of a Home Depot in Fairfax County, Virginia.
Timeline Man Shot Near Manassas, Virginia Dean Harold Meyers is shot dead while pumping gas outside of the city of Manassas. Witness spots a white van with clack lettering leaving scene.
Timeline Man Shot in Soprtsylvania County, Virginia Near Fredericksburg Kenneth Bridges is shot and killed while pumping gas outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia.
Timeline Big Break A caller claiming to be the sniper phones in to the FBI's tip hotline. He taunts investigators and boasts about commiting another unsolved murder in Montgomery, Alabama. This clue sets in motion the events that lead to the arrests of Muhammad and Malvo.
Timeline Ashland Priest Someone claiming to be the sniper calls a preist in Ashland Maryland confessing to a murder in Montgomery, Alabama as well as the shooting spree.
Timeline Man Wounded and Letter Discovered At 8 P.M. Jeffrey Hopper is shot dead outside a Ponderosa Steak House in Ashland Virginia. Hopper survives and police find a four page letter from the sniper in the woods nearby. Letter mentions the call to the tip line and a preist in Ashland.
Timeline Preist Interviewed Rev. William V. Sullivan is interviewed by police and confirms the call mentioning the murder in Alabama.
Timeline Two Men in a White Van Aressted Two men in a white van are aressted outside a gas station but they turn out to be illegal immigrants, not the snipers.
Timeline Bus Driver Shot At 5:56 A.M. bus driver Conrad Johnson is shot while standing on the steps of his bus. Part of the Sniper's letter is released to the press, "Your children are not safe, anywhere, at any time".
Timeline Snipers Identified Malvo is traced to a rental home in Tacoma, Washington, where John Allen Muhammad once lived. FBI collects balistic evidence such as bullet casings and a stump that had been used for target practice. Police send out an alert for civilians to watch for a 1990 blue or burgundy Chevrolet Caprice with the New Jersey license plate, Muhammad's car.
Timeline Snipers are Caught After a nearly 23-day terror streak John Allen Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo are arested at 3:19 A.M. Agents surrounded them while they slept in their car outside a gas station in Myersville, Maryland.
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Beltway Sniper Attacks The 23 day-long terror streak of the Washington Sniper (Beltway Sniper Attacks)