Babe Ruth's life

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Images Birth Babe Ruth was born at 216 Emory Street in Pigtown, a rough neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.
Unknown His Farther sent him to St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys When he was seven years old, his father sent him to St. Mary's Industrial School for Boys, a reformatory and orphanage, and signed custody over to the Catholic missionaries who ran the school. Ruth remained at St. Mary's for the next 12 years, only visiting with his family for special occasions.
Screen%20shot%202011 10 27%20at%2010.25.21%20am Babe Ruth sold to the Boston Red Sox Dunn offered to trade Ruth, along with Ernie Shore and Ben Egan, to Connie Mack of the Philadelphia Athletics. Dunn asked $10,000 ($212,027 in current dollar terms) for the trio, but Mack refused the offer. The Cincinnati Reds, who had an agreement with the Orioles, also passed on Ruth.
Images 2 World Series The 1918 Series was played under several metaphorical dark clouds. The Series was held early in September due to the World War I "Work or Fight" order that forced the premature end of the regular season on September 1, and remains the only World Series to be played entirely in September. The Series was marred by players threatening to strike due to low gate receipts.
Images 3 Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees Frazee sold Ruth to the New York Yankees. Popular legend has it that Frazee sold Ruth and several other of his best players to finance a Broadway play, No, No, Nanette (which actually didn't debut until 1925). The truth is somewhat more nuanced.
Unknown 3 Babe Ruth Marries Claire Merritt Hodgson Since they were Catholic, neither Babe nor Helen believed in divorce. However, by 1925 Babe and Helen were permanently separated, with their adopted daughter living with Helen. When Helen died in a house fire in 1929, Babe married model Claire Merritt Hodgson, who tried to help Babe curb some of his worst habits.
Images 4 Babe Ruth's Called Shot Yankees met the Cubs at Wrigley Field for Game 3 of the World Series. The Yankees had won the first two games and had withstood having lemons and curse words thrown at them from the stands, both by members of the Cubs and their fans. Fans of the Cubs also targeted Babe specifically when he was on the outfield and threw fruit and other garbage at him. Babe smiled through it all and took the abuse like a gentleman. But he wasn’t such a gentleman on this particular day in October at Yankee Stadium
Images 5 Babe Ruth was sold to the Boston Braves Ruppert wouldn't consider dumping McCarthy. The slugger and manager had never gotten along, and Ruth's managerial ambitions further chilled their relations. Just before the 1934 season, Ruppert offered to make Ruth manager of the Yankees' top minor-league team, the Newark Bears
Images 6 Babe Ruth is diagnosed with a Malignant Tumor in his neck Babe Ruth began experiencing severe pain over his left eye. In November 1946, a visit to French Hospital in New York revealed Ruth had a malignant tumor in his neck that had encircled his left carotid artery. He received post-operative radiation therapy. Before leaving the hospital in February 1947, he lost approximately 80 pounds
Unknown 5 Babe Ruth marries Helen Woodford Shortly after the season, in which he'd finished with a 2-1 record, Ruth proposed to Helen Woodford, a waitress whom he had met in Boston. They were married in Ellicott City, Maryland, on October 17, 1914.