The History of the World's Worst Weapon

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  • For Science

    Scientist such as Einstein, Fermi, and Szilard would participate in the Manhattan Project
  • The First Boom

    The First Boom
    The first nuclear weapon is set off in New Mexico.
  • First Boom

    The first explosion is set off at Alamogordo.
  • The First Drop

    The First Drop
    America drops the first atom bomb on the Japanese. The Hiroshima bomb would kill 130,000 people.
  • The First Order

    President Truman orders the first atom bomb to be dropped.
  • Another Disaster

    Another Disaster
    Three days after the Hiroshima incident America drops another atomic bomb on Nagasaki killing 74,000.
  • The Second Order

    President Truman orders the Nagasaki bomb to be dropped.
  • Japan Surrenders

  • Admiral William

    Admiral William
    Admiral William Leahy believed that the use of such weapons was barbaric. He would also state, "there is a certainty that it [the a-bomb] will in the future be developed by potential enemies and that it will probably be used against us." This pokes at the fact that use and mistreatment of such power could backfire.
  • Manhattan Project

    Manhattan Project
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  • Period: to

    Manhattan Project

    A project that begins during WWII that focused on the creation of atomic weapons. The project started in 1942 and ended in 1947.
  • Period: to


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