ASPIRE Community Day School 2015 - 2035

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  • Positions Correctly Flown

    It will be a challenge to be sure that our positions are flown with an eye for the tech savvy, the self motivated, and the deeply committed. Our task of teaching a true blended learning program, using Haiku as our LMS, will be one that requires folks with a very specific skill set.
  • Professional Development Planning

    In Hemet we have a very capable and focused PD team, that includes a director, coordinator, and 13 instructional coaches. We have been discussing the plan of attack to train in PBL, Haiku, our RCD models, and the use of various web 2.0 tools to assist in curricular delivery and outcomes. The correct and proper use of this traning opportunity will be key to our success.
  • Interviews Begin

    With a plan for PD in June and a well screened group of applicants, it will be time to make the most important decisions pertaining to our immediate and long term success. This will be a significant event in our timeline.
  • Training Begins

    The all important PD sessions will begin and will likely last an entire week, if not a little bit longer. Add to this our PBIS initiative and that training that will happen in August before we open.
  • Students Arrive

    The school site is built, technology is in place, staff is hired and trained; now the real test begins, can we deliver on our vision and take students to nwe levels of success that this group is largely unfamiliar with.
  • Time to take stock

    The quarter will afford us some early data and an opportunity to evaluate what's working and what's not in the inception of our model. Our weekly staff collaboration should keep us ahead of potentially poor outcomes.
  • First Semester Results

    This will be our first semester's worth of data and should provide us some solid points to reflect upon and to continue to focus our PD sessions on.
  • Period: to

    Our first two years

    As a school site we will begin the process of a truly blended classroom, and begin to shed the need for paper and pencil via the uise of Chromebooks.
  • Period: to

    After the intial shock...

    Once the adaptation to a true blended mostly paper/pencil free environment has taken hold, we will build on that success and continue to push the envelope with our students. We will continue to push hands on projects such as CTE courses in computer repair, videography, and continued project based learning opportunities acoss the curriculuim.