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Arab Spring: Yemen

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Timeline small square Yemeni activists arrested Yemen was hit fresh by protesters after the arrest of 19 opposition activists.
Timeline small square Protets in Sana'a Thousands of people protest on the streets of Sana'a, they are calling for an end to Mr.Saleh's rule over Yemen.
Timeline small square Yemen president says he will step down in 2013 President Ali Abdullah Saleh says he will step down in 2013 and his son will no longer succeeed him. This is a last ditch attempt to stop protests.
Timeline small square Day of rage in Yemen Both pro- and anti-government supporters take to streets a day after president offers to step down in 2013. Pro goverement supporters argue for the president to stay, Anti-goveremnt protesters want Saleh to leave.
Timeline small square First protesters killed in Sana'a Pro-government gunmen open fire on students staging a sit-in, killing at least two and wounding 21.The fatalities were the first in the capital after 12 days of anti-government protests that have swept across the country.
Timeline small square Prisoners riot in Sana'a 2,000 prisoners stage a revolt in Sana'a's prison.
Timeline small square Yemeni army tried to end university protest Yemeni army wounds 98 students in efforts to end university protest. Yemen's President moves against protesters seeking to unseat him as students and prisoners call for him to quit.
Timeline small square Yemen's president offers new constitution and referendum Yemen's president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, has said he will draw up a new constitution to create a parliamentary system of government in an attempt to defuse increasingly violent protest against his 32-year rule.
Timeline small square Yemen police kill protesters in crackdown on dissent Yemeni security forces have killed four people and wounded hundreds more in the second day of a harsh crackdown on anti-government protests.
Timeline small square 45 protesters killed in Yemen Death toll rises as live rounds used in increasingly violent crackdown on nationwide protests.
Timeline small square Yemen president fires entire cabinet as protests escalate Calls for Ali Abdullah Saleh to stand down grow louder as tens of thousands turn out for mass funeralYemen's president has fired his entire cabinet amid escalating protests demanding his resignation.
Timeline small square Yemen military commanders join opposition Senior officers and troops side with protesters as envoys, editors, party chiefs and governors call on President Saleh to step down. 11 military commanders, including a senior general, defected from the regime, promising to protect anti-government protesters in the capital.
Timeline small square Yemen MPs pass emergency laws to quash uprising Ruling party in Sana'a assembly backs President Saleh's move to suspend constitution, ban protests and allow tougher powers of arrest.Its adoption was a virtual certainty because Saleh's ruling party dominates the 301-seat legislature.
Timeline small square Thousands gather in Sana'a Tens of thousands gather in Sana'a to demand the resignation of Mr.Saleh.
Timeline small square Many die at factory blast Atleast 121 people die from factory blast in southern Yemen as President Ali Abdullah Saleh was losing his grip on parts of the country amid an anti-regime revolt.
Timeline small square 400 hurt as police fire on protest Yemen secruity forces fire on people marching through southern city of Taiz.
Timeline small square Clash in Taiz Thousands are attacked by troops and plainclothes police in Taiz.
Timeline small square President backs away from peace plan Mr. Saleh backs away from peace plan drawn up by gulf states to end his rule.
Timeline small square Thousands march over protesters death Thousands march in Sana'a, in protest of the death of the demonstraters in Taiz.
Timeline small square Saleh promises to step down in 2013 President Saleh promises he will step down in 2013 but protesters want his immediate deposition.
Timeline small square Military violence escaltes A showdown looms in after 6 people are killed in skirmishes between rival military factions.
Timeline small square Yemeni women join street protests against president Saleh President's 'no-women' comment draws hundreds of thousands of enraged Yemenis out for mass protests
Timeline small square President offers to quit in return of immunity Yemeni protesters have vowed to maintain pressure on President Ali Abdullah Saleh to follow through on a promise to step down if he and his family are granted immunity from prosecution under a Gulf initiative aimed at ending violent unrest over his 32-year rule.
Timeline small square Troops kill 12 in Sana'a Security forces fire on anti goverment demonstration.
Timeline small square Huge protests in Yemen Mr. Saleh calls for early elections as thousands rally against his 3 decade rule.
Timeline small square Saleh refuses to quit The president refuses to sign a deal arraging for him to leave his office in return for legal immunity.
Timeline small square President refuses to quit Mr. Saleh says he will not quit or let Yemen become a failed state.
Timeline small square Saleh survives assassination Saleh survives assassination attempt on an attack at a mosque in his compound.
Timeline small square Stand down, west urges Saleh The US and Britian urge Saudi Arabia to persuade Saleh to stand down.
Timeline small square Saleh makes first appearance since assassination attempt Saleh criticises opponents in first public appearance since the assassination attempt in june.
Timeline small square Mr.Saleh leaves hospital Mr. Saleh leaves hospital in Saudi Arabia after being wounded for more than 2 months.
Timeline small square Troops fire on protesters Yemeni forces reportedly opened fire with anti aircraft guns and automatic weapons.
Timeline small square Saleh calls election as violence continues President Salah calls for early elections in his first speech since returning to Yemen.
Timeline small square Yemen president quits after deal made in Saudi Arabia Mr. Saleh agrees for immediate transfer of power in return for immunity for himself and his family.
Timeline small square Saleh loyalists shoot 5 dead after his resignation Pro-government gunmen shot five people dead in the Yemeni capital on Thursday, a day after the president, Ali Abdullah Saleh, signed a deal agreeing to end his 33-year rule in exchange for immunity from prosecution.
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Arab Spring: Yemen