Apartheid in South Africa

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Diamond mines Diamonds are discovered in Griqualand West A diamond rush started in South Africa, during 1867. It all started an African shephard boy found a glittering piece of rock and traded it goods. News of this discovery spread like wildfire to the European and African diggers of all races.
Union%20jack The British Annex Griqualand West After diamonds were discovered in the Griqualand West, which lies directaly northwest of the juncture of the Vaal and Orange rivers, there were disputed claims between the Boer republics, the Grinqua, and the British Cape Colony. Then in 1871 the British formally annexed the Griqualand West, thereby being included in the Cape Colony nine years later.
South%20african%20gold%20rush Gold is discovered in Witwatersrand, South Africa In the late 1800's gold was discovered in Witwatersrand. This gold could only be extracted with complex machinery. Only the Europeans could get access to the gold. But through this dicovery of gold, the town of Johannesburg was formed. Within ten years the population was over 100,000 people.
South%20africa Aparthied is Formaly introduced Although the roots of Aparthied reaches back 300 years to the first Dutch settlers the ideas were formaly introduced as laws to all the non-white South African people. The policy was officialy put into place when the National Party (NP) came to power in 1948 with D.F. Malan as the Prime Minister.
Treason trial Treason Trials for Anti-Apartheid Activists, begins In December 1956, a security sweep led to the arrest of 156 anti-aparthed activists and supporters of the Freedom Charter, which was notable for its demand for and commitment to a non-racial South Africa, democracy and human rights, land reform, labor rights, and nationalization. After the congresses plan was annouced, the congress was denounced for treason by the South African government. The trials lasted from 1956 to 1961. But most of those who were charged were released.
Behind bars Nelson Mandela is Arrested. Mandela, and others are arrested, after the police had been tipped off by a secret informant that a violent plan to overthrow the government was being created.They were all tried in the Rivonia Trial that lasted until mid-1964. Most of the 18 people, including Mandela were convicted and sentanced to life in prison on Robben Island, a place for political prisoners. Mandela spent more than a quarter century in prison, while most of the world and most of South Africa constatly fought for his releas
Moremoney South Africa is pressured to get rid of Apartheid. An expert has estimated that only about 10% of the population supports Apartheid in South Africa. The cost of keeping Apartheid alive is getting increasingly expensive. Much money and resources are being spent on creating and enforcing Aparthied system, that there is little money left over for health care, job creation, and education. Internal oressures for total reform were so intence that the only alternative to getting rid of Apartheid was a full scale civil war.
Image 1 for nelson mandela released from prison 20 years on gallery 99877179 Nelson Mandela is Released from Prison The release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 sigifies the begining of a new era for South African Politics. Upon his release, Mandela mobilizes the ANC (African National Congress) to step up efforts to end Apartheid
Nelson%20mandela Nelson Mandela is elected President of South Africa After more than three centuries of white rule, South Africa has its first mulit-racial elections, and elects Nelson Mandela as president.
No%20a Apartheid ends in South Africa Apartheid never officialy ends in South Africa, but with the release of Nelson Mandela and the right of all races to vote and run for president, the ideas of Apartheid end.
Thabo%20mbeki Thabo Mbeki is South Africas next President Thabo Mbeki, part of the A.N.C, was voted by the A.N.C. to be thier Presidential canidate. He ended up becoming the next President of South Africa
Zuma Jacob Zuma is South Africas next President Jacob Zuma, Thabo Mbeki's former deputy, becomes President, Mbeki resigned after almost two tearms in office. After being thought to be a promising President, the way he delt with the AIDS epidemic in South Africa caused many needless deaths and was forced to resign.
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