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Anne Frank's Life

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Baby%20anne small square The Birth of Anne Frank On June 12, 1929, Anne Frank was born in Frankfurt, Germany.
Leaving%20germany small square The Franks Leave Germany The Franks leave Germany t escape Nazi persecution, While Mr. Frank loks fr a new hme in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the Anne and the others stay with relatives in Aachen, Germany.
Anne%20frank%20house%20 %20rear small square The Van Pels family leave Germany for the Netherlands The Van Pels (called the Wan Daans in Anne's Diary) leave Germany to escape Nazi persecution.
The anne frank house small square The Franks go into hiding The Franks go into hiding after Margot receives an order to appear for deportation to a labor camp in Germany. The Ven Pels join the Franks one week later.
Af013foto small square Anne's thirteenth birthday Anne receives a diary for her thirteenth birthday.
A014366 small square The Franks are discovered After two years of hiding, the Nazi police raid raid the Secret Annex.
The front gate of auschwitz birkenau concentration camp the slogan arbeit macht frei translates as e2809cwork will set you freee2809d small square Anne is transported to concentration camp Anne and her family and the Van Pels are sent to concentratin camps.
Otto%20frank small square Otto Frank is freed Three weeks after Anne's mother dies Otto Frank is freed when Auschwitz is liberated by the Soviet army.
220px anne frank memorial bergen belsen small square Anne Frank Dies Anne Frank dies in Bergen-Belsen a few weeks before British sldiers liberate the camp.
4619919416 76c2f7a9ff small square Anne's Mother Dies Anne's mother, Edith Frank, dies in Auschwitz.