Anne Frank: Life Events

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Timeline Anne Frank is born Anne Frank is born in Frankfurt, Germany.
Timeline Anne Frank and family move to Amsterdam Anne's father, Otto Frank, began working at Opekta Works and moved his family to Amsterdam.
Timeline Germany invades Netherlands When Germany invades the Netherlands, many laws discriminating against the Jews were enforced throughout Europe. Because of this, Anne and her sister, Margot, began attending a Jewish day school.
Timeline Anne receives her diary For her 13th birthday, Anne receives her world-famous diary from her father. This diary plays an important role in her life because she later uses it to document events while undergoing hidding from the Nazis. Because of it we get incredible insight on her life in hidding.
Timeline Hiding plan is created Margot Frank receives a call informating her that she will be sent to a concentration camp. Otto Frank devises a plan in which him and his family will go in hiding to avoid the Nazis.
Timeline Anne Frank and family go into hiding Anne and her family went into hiding in an annex on the third floor of Otto's work building.
Timeline The van Pels join the Franks in hiding The van Pels family of three join the Frank in hiding in the annex. Later that year, in November, Fritz Pfeffer, a family friend, also joins them in the annex.
Timeline Anne's final diary entry is made
Timeline The members of the annex are arrested German Security Police discovered the families hiding in the annex and took them to Nazi headquarters.
Timeline The families were sent to The House of Detention
Timeline The families are deported to Auschwitz The families are all deported to Auchwitz, which is a concentration camp located in Poland.
Timeline The Frank woman are moved to Liebau Anne, Margot and Edith Frank are all moved to Liebau, which is a labor camp.
Timeline The Frank women are moved to Bergen-Belsen All of the Frank girls, aside from Edith who died from starvation, and Mrs. van Pels were moved to Bergen-Belsen,
Timeline Margot and Anne die Margot dies from a disease called typhus that spread throughout the camp. Anee is reported to have died a few days later.
Timeline Bergen-Belsen is liberated Bergen-Belsen was liberated by British troops. Anne and Margot were burried with many others in a mass grave.