Amy Lowell

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  • Amy is born!

    Amy is born!
    Amy Lowell was born Febuary 9th 1874 Amy's dad was Augustus Lowell and mother was Katherine Bigelow Lowell Amy was born in Brookline , Massechusetts.
  • Private School !

    Private School !
    At age 17 Amy's tutor died and Amy had to go to school and since Amy's family had very much money so they enrolled her in private school.
  • School's out!

    School's out!
    On this date Amy finished her school career since her parents thought it would be unlady like to do so she did not attend any colleges but she continued to educate herself.
  • What their dead?!?!!

    What their dead?!?!!
    This date both of Amy's parent's died
  • Let's start writnig

    Let's start writnig
    This is the year Lowell started wrting poetry for the first time her influences were Paul Forts, Carl Sandburg, Edgar Lee Masters, Vachel Lindsay, T.S. Eliot, and Ezra Pound
  • My love <3

    My love <3
    On this date Amy Lowell met her true love and stayed with them til death.
  • That looks amazing

    That looks amazing
    Amy Lowell didn't see her first poem untuil 1910 at 36 years old it was Fixed Idea by unknown author
  • I'm Published I'm Published !

    I'm Published I'm Published !
    This day Amy published her first book of poetry that was called A dome of many coloured glass.
  • Imagist let's move

    Imagist let's move
    This day Amy led an imagist movement in England
  • I'm even more famous

    I'm even more famous
    This day Amy's most famous book of poetry was published it was called sword blades and poppy seeds.
  • Amy Lowell Dies at 51

    Amy Lowell Dies at 51
    Amy Lowell died at age 51 caused by a cerebral hemmorage, she died on Brokline Estate.
  • Thank you for the award

    Thank you for the award
    This day Amy Lowell got the Pulitzer prize in poetry
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