American Red Cross

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Untitled American Red Cross is established
Timeline Very First Distaster Relief by Red Cross Red Cross helped those involved with the MIchigan forest fires.
Timeline Red Cross responds to Johnston, PA Flood kills over 2000 people
Timeline South Carolina Hurricanes Clara Barton aids 30,000 homeless victims
Spanish american war Supplies were brought to help with spanish-american war first war-related activity the red cross had participated in giving us military aid to
Clara Clara Barton Passes Away
Titanic Aids those in the sinking of Titanic
Timeline Red Cross distributes wheat and cotton to victims of Dust Bowl
Timeline Begins Blood Donations collecting blood for for the US military
Untitled Helps with Operation Big Switch with POW in Korea
Timeline Red Cross collects food and supplies for bay of pigs POW
Hurricane agnes Red Cross responds to Hurricane Agnes
Timeline Hurricane Hugo Red cross responds and helps relief with the victims
911 Responds to 9/11
Timeline Haiti Hurricane Red cross raised over $32 Million for this devastating disaster