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American History: 1620-1755

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Timeline small square Virginia Company In 1619, the Virginia Compny let Jamestown have a part of this. Then, they brought African slaves to Jamestown.
Timeline small square Mayflower Compact This is when the pilgrims signed the contract. The Mayflower Compact is what the pilgrims used to have laws of their own, and be able to be loyal to England.
Timeline small square Plymouth The Indians and the English celebrate the first Thanksgiving.
Timeline small square Puritan Charter King James I signed contract to colonize above Plymouth for more spread of religion.
Timeline small square Great Migration (1630-1640) Over 15000 pilgrims moved south of Massachussetts because of their laws and relious beleifs.
Timeline small square Rhode Island Charter nf When
Timeline small square Laws Rhode Island made it illegal to have slaverly illegal.
Timeline small square England King King James II leaves England because of English influentials and goes to France.
Timeline small square Oglethrope's Colony He gave his colony back to the King of England because he strted to run it badly.
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Tax North Carolina doesn't want and agsinst English taxation.