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Alessandro Volta

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Image small square The Birth of Alessandro Volta Alessandro was born this day over 3000 years ago. He was born in Como,Lombardy in Italy. His parents were Maddalena & Filippo Volta. His full name was Alessandro Giuseppe Antonio Anastasio Volta.
Alessandro.vol small square Alessandro becomes a physicist Alessandro had a passion for science. At the early age of 14, he decided to become a physicist.
Alessandro volta small square Alesandro`s Study In 1769, Alessandro studied electricity and wrote hi first book 'De vi attractiva ignis electrici'. He also wrote two more books this year.
Volto di volta 28 small square Como Royal School This year Alessandro was invited to become director of Como Royal School, and he acepted.
7cb4e66d61d606759b2e278d436e75bb163753b5 large small square Alessandro`s first Invention While at Como Royal School, Alessandro designned his very first invention. It was called the electrophorus and it made static electricity.
Volta1 small square Professor Alessandro! At the Como Royal School, This year, Alessandro became the Professor of Physics.
Volta 1 lg small square Swamp Gas In 1776, while visiting swamps, Alessandro observed a gas known as swamp gas. Swamp gas was used to light gas lanterns. Alessandro Volta was the first person extract methane from swamp gas.
Volta2 small square proffessor of physics Alessandro becomes the proffessor of physics at the university of Pavia, a position held for more than 40 years.
1999 508 0043 small square Frog experiment Alessandro found that a frogs leg twitched when it was touched with two metals. He showed this by placing a coin and some aluminium foil on the frogs tongue.
E44a small square The Votalic Pile This was the year Alessandro created his most famous invention, the votalic pile. It was the very first wet cell battery which produced a steady current of electricity. The votalic pile was made of alternating zinc and copper discs with pieces of cardboard that had been soaked in salt water.
Scarpa small square Retired Alessandro retired to his home in Como, Italy.
2516 small square Alessandro Volta Alessandro died when he was 82 because of old age.
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Alessandro Volta