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25430 al-Qaeda al-Qaeda was formed by Osama Bin Laden, he and Abdullah Azzam financed, trained and recruited thousands of holy warriors
Timeline Bin Laden sets up training camps Osama Bin Laden creates training camps after he moved to Sudan, no exact date is known, many sources differ but it is known that it was either 1991 or 1992. This becomes a base for operations and many attacks to the west are claimed to be planned here.
Timeline Osama Bin Laden leaves Sudan In May 1996 Bin Laden leaves Sudan after seeking refuge for 5 years. It's unknown if he was forced out of Sudan because the government was under international pressure but Osama Bin Laden did move back to Afghanistan.
Timeline U.S. Embasy bombings U.S. embasies in Kenya and East Africa are destryoed after simultaneous truck bomb explosions. Hundreds of people are killed and Osama Bin Laden is placed by the FBI on the ten most wanted list.
September11 Setemmper 11 attacks Coordinated suicide attacks of 4 jet airliners, the jets were then delibratley crashed into the twin towers (world trade center), the pentagon and the capitol building or the white house many of the passengers tried to retake the plane so it crashed in rural Pennsylvania. The death toll is said to be abut 3000.
Timeline War on terror begins After 911 America announces "a war on terror" with the purpose to elimate Al-Qaeda and other militant organisations.
Timeline 911 plotter captured Ramzi Binalshibh is arrested in Karachi for being the mastermind behind 911. He is accused of being a key member of alQaeda and one of the main planners of the 11 September attacks.
250px bali memorial Bali Bombings A detonation of three bombs near or inside popular nightclubs and outside a US consulate. Islamist groups were put to blame and week later on an Arab satelitte channel Osama Bin Laden was recorded saying "You will be killed just as you kill, and will be bombed just as you bomb,"
Timeline Key leader of Al-Qaeda Captured A senior leader of Al-Qaeda, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, is caught near Islamabad, he's believed to be a significant part of 911.
Timeline School hostage crisis A three day hostage attack saw at least 385 deaths and it's estimated that 783 injured. It began when a group of armed mostly Ingush and Chechen Islamic terrorists took more than 1,100 people hostage on 1 September, at School Number One (SNO) in the town of Beslan. The hostage situtaion lasted three days before the school was stormed by Russian security forces. Al-Qaeda was then blamed for the incident and for training the terrorists.
Timeline Third in command of Al-Qaeda captured Libyan alQaeda suspect Abu FarajalLibbi suspected to be third in the Al-Qaeda hierarchy.Libbi was then indentified as a target and is caught. US President George Bush describes him as a "major facilitator and chief planner" for alQaeda.
Timeline London transport bombings A normal peak hour day for London turns to a catastrophy with 56 people dying and 700 are injured. Four suicide bombers detonated 3 bombs on the London underground and one on a double decker bus. The four bombers were all members of Al-Qaeda.
Timeline Supreme court rules military trials illegeal American Supreme Court rules that AlQaeda and Taleban suspects held at Guantanamo Bay cannot be tried in closed military tribunals. The ruling was made after it was clamied that the proceedings violated Geneva Convention. Despite this Guantanamo Bay was not closed.
Thumbnailcaqsz4ny Osam Bin Laden's death Osam Bin Laden is killed after a raid United States Sepcial Operations and dies after gunshot wounds to the chest and head. Osama Bin Laden was found months before hiding in his safe house which was a masnion in Abbouttabad. After months of planning and watching of the compund Barak Obama gave the mission a go and Osama was killed and buried at sea 24 hours later.
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