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  • Feb 5th, 1488

    Bartolonmeu Dias sailed around the Cape of Hope

    he traveled across the atlantic ocean to Africa
  • Aug 1st, 1492

    Christopher Columbus left from Spain

  • Oct 12th, 1492

    Columbus landed on a small island named Sal Salvodor

  • Feb 5th, 1493

    Columbus returned back to Spain after his voyage

  • Feb 5th, 1498

    vasco de gama sailed to India around this time

  • Feb 5th, 1500

    Portugese navigator Pedro Cabral set sail in India

  • Feb 5th, 1510

    the Portugese conquered the southwest coast of India

  • Feb 5th, 1513

    Vasco Nunez reached to the Istmus of Panama

  • Feb 5th, 1519

    Ferdinand Magellan a portugese navigator sailed from Spain to cross the Atlantic to South America

  • Feb 5th, 1521

    Magellan reached to the Philippine islands and died there

  • Feb 5th, 1522

    the ship of Magellan suvived and traveled around the world

    the Magellan ship lost its owner due to death from fights and traveled around the world
  • Period:
    Feb 5th, 1200
    Oct 5th, 1300

    navigators created a compass at this time

  • Period:
    Feb 5th, 1300

    the commercial Revolution took place during this time

  • Period:
    Jan 1st, 1400

    age of exploration

  • Period:
    Mar 4th, 1400
    Feb 5th, 1500

    european monarchs supported exploring and colonizing

  • Period:
    Feb 5th, 1493
    Feb 5th, 1504

    between this time, Columbus made 3 voyages to the Indies.

  • Period:
    Feb 5th, 1497
    Feb 5th, 1504

    Amerigo Vespucci the italian navigator sailed the Altantic on a portugese and Spanish expedition

  • Period: to

    slave ships carried alot of slaves