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Across Five Aprils Project

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Fort%20sumter small square The Beginning Pictures and text reguarding Fort SumterFiring on Fort Sumter The first event that I think has a great influence on Jethro is when Shadrach Yale brings news that there was firing at Fort Sumter and it was a Confederate victory. This influences Jethro because Jethro realizes that his brothers will be going to fight. This is a powerful event because it is the starting point of the Civil War. This event informs Jethro and his family that it will not be an easy victory for the North.
North%20and%20south%20civil%20war small square Jethro's Brothers Work on the FarmSplit Families The second event that is an influence to Jethro is when his brothers, Tom and Eb leave work on the farm to fight for the North. This influences Jethro because he will now have to do most of the work around the farm by hiself. Also, he will be left to take good care of his family. This event is so powerful because it changes the everyday life of Jethro tremendously. This event is also very powerful because it shows how his family is beginning to split up because of the war.
Civil%20war%20deaths small square Tom's Death
Desertercountry small square Eb's Return The sixth event that influences Jethro is when his brother, Eb returns back home from the war. Eb has deserted his duty at war. This influences Jethro because he brings Eb food and blankets to keep warm while he lives in the woods by the farm. Eb does not want to tell the rest of his family that he is a deserter because it would cause great harm to them. This is a powerful event because Jethro has not heard from his brother since he left for the war and now he has
Abelincoln small square Jethro's Letter The next event that influences Jethro is when he writes a letter to the President of the United States at the time, Abe Lincoln. This influences Jethro because when he writes to him and asks him what to do about his brother that is a deserter, Abe responds and says that he has decided that deserters can now return to their posts without pumishment if they go before April. This is a powerful event because Abe Lincoln is somebody that Jethro looks up to. Jethro is proven t Abe
Gettysburg small square Sharach and Jenny
Lincoln memorial 02 small square Abraham Lincoln's Death
Across%20five%20aprils small square Shadrach and Jenny's Return
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