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Nov 1st, 1100
75th year of Abram's life. God sent Abram to leave Harran for Canaan. With him he took all his possesions.
Abram took also his brother Lot. He also took his wife Sarai. He built an altar to God because his family was going to have the land in the future. He settled east of Bethel, built another altar, and was sent farther by God to Negev.
Nov 1st, 1115
Abram Lies There was a famine in Egypt. Before Abram and Sarai entered he asked her if she would pose as his sister. He knew if Pharaoh saw Sarai that he would want her because she was very beautiful. And he would be killed. God convinced the Pharaoh to believe Abram.
Nov 2nd, 1130
Abram and Lot depart. Their cattle and herders were too much for them to stay together. Abram let Lot pick where he wanted to live and went the opposite way. Abram lived in Canaan. Lot chose to live in the plain of the Jordan near Sodom. God gave them all the land and let them choose which they wanted.
Nov 3rd, 1145
Abram Recieves land God gave Abram a lot of land. Since he had all the land he walked on he settled near the great trees of Mamre at Hebron. He built an altar for the LORD. God provided Abram and his descendants land to live on.
Nov 2nd, 1160
Abram Saves Lot Four kings seized all of the possesions of Sodom along with Abram's nephew, Lot was taken by the king of Salem. When Abram heard of this he gathered 318 trained men and went to Dan. In the night he divided his men to attack. He got back all the goods and Lot along with women and other people. God gave Abram all the resources he needed to save Lot.
Nov 2nd, 1175
Abram Visited by Melchizedek After Abram rescued Lot he was visited by the king of Salem, Melchizedek. He was Preist of the God Most High. He blessed Abram by God. God worked through Melchizedek to bless Abram.
Nov 3rd, 1190
God's Covenant After being visited by Melchezedek, Abram was visited by God. He came to Abram in a vision. He told him that as the number of the stars so will be his offspring. He said this because Abram didn't have any children to inherit the land God promised him. God told Abram that he was going to have offspring in the covenant.
Nov 4th, 1205
Maid Mischief Sarai had not given Abram any children. They both wanted children badly. Sarai told Abram to lay with Hagar, Saria's maidservant. He did as she told even though God promised him a child for him to inherit his land. God tested Abram and Sarai of their faith that they would have a child together.
Nov 4th, 1220
Hagar Flees Hagar became pregnant, and she started to despise Sarai. So Sarai began mistreating her. Because of this Hagar ran away from Sarai and Abram. Since Abram got Hagar pregnant she was in the way of Sarai and Abram. So God sent her away from them by Hagar and Sarai quarreling.
Nov 4th, 1235
Hagar Visited and Ishmael's Birth Hagar was visited by an angel of the Lord near a spring in the desert. She was told she was going to have a son and was to name him Ishmael. Hagar did have a son, did name him Ishmael, and gave Abram a son at 86. God promised, through an angel that Hagar's son would be head of a great nation.
Nov 4th, 1250
Abram and God Again God came to Abram and talked with him. Abram fell down on his face in the sight of God. God comfirmed his covenant and told Abram he will greatly increase in number. God talked with Abram and reminded him of their covenant.
Nov 6th, 1265
Abram to Abraham While God was still visiting Abaram He told him that he will be a father of many nations. He also told him he will no longer be known as Abram,but Abraham. God said He will make him fruitfull and he will bear many kings. God changed Abram's name and life by telling him he will father a great nation.
Nov 6th, 1280
Abraham, God, and the Covenant of OOOWWWW God made another covenant with Abraham. That Abraham and all his descendants for generations. It was that every male has to be cercumsised. God told Abraham that as a sign of their covenant.
Nov 6th, 1295
Sarah and a Son God told Abraham that Sarai will be called Sarah. And that she will give him a son. That she will be the mother of great nations. Abraham laughed because Sarah was 90, too old for children. God told Abraham that Sarai, now Sarah will bith him a child even in her old age.
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Nov 3rd, 1100

Nov 3rd, 1300
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