Aaron Lim - Origins of CW

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  • Percentages Agreement, in Moscow (no specific date) - CW not started yet.

    Britain - 90% influence in Greece
    USSR - 90% influence in Romania and 75% in Bulgaria
    No specific date known
  • Atomic diplomacy (no specific date) - start of economic schism

    USSR attempts to make loans from US but US imposes conditions and then ignores USSR.
  • Yalta Agreement (no specific day) - CW not started yet.

    US & Britain rejected revision of Polish border.
    Inclusion of London Poles inside Lublin committee, free polish elections to be held.
    - Stalin signed the Declaration of Liberated Europe, which pledged free elections and democracy but out of tokenism, never really happened.
  • USSR fails to join IMF and World Bank (no specific date)

    Causes start of economic schism
  • Long Telegramme (no specific date) - CW not started yet.

    Decisive factor in Truman's adminstration's change to course to a policy of firmness towards USSR.
  • Marshall Plan being formed - Caused CW to be started.

    Motive to contain communism, aimed to restore economic stability and hence political stability. USSR sees plan as attempt to create American empire in E.Europe and cemented economic schism, divided Europe into 2 economic blocs.
  • Truman Doctrine formed (no specifc date)

    Elicited no response from Stalin and no change to American relations with the USSR.
  • Czechoslovakia became under communism

    Catalytic effect on implementation of Marshall Plan.
  • Berlin Blockade begins

    Russia blocked the roads and rail route to Berlin. Was nearly a turning point to CW - came close to first armed conflict.
  • NATO formed

    Caused by the increased feeling of military insecurity, pressure for a common military force to defend the region. This began the military split, however provoked no direct response and was not taken seriously as military alliance until 1950.
  • Period: to

    Origins of CW

  • Period: to

    Sovietisation (months not known)

    Raised US paranoia, but causes Truman to end all compromise with USSR - "stop babying the Soviets"