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Timeline The start Peter and Cooper set off on their walk from Alfred, New York. They start on their walk to find themselves and the real America. Thus starts an emotional journey that will change Peter's views about America and it's people.
Timeline First Holiday Peter and Cooper celebrate thanksgiving on a nameless mountain. This is a meangingfull event because it is the first real meal of many to come between him and Cooper.
Timeline Peter finds an unconventional home Peter and Coops are making their way through Murphy. They have to stop here to find a job so they can continue on their way. They meet Bruce, Eric, and Zack, a couple of negro boys who take Peter home to their mama, Mary Elizabeth. She decides he can stay and does until June. Peter stands in as a father to the boys
Timeline Peter finds a new way of living, but doesn't accept "Peter and Coops arrive at The "Farm" in Tennesse. Peter had heard about the hippie settlement and decided to visit it to see what it was like. Peter was making his mind up to leave when tragedy struck and Cooper was hit and killed by a water truck. Peter is devastated by this tragedy and almost gives up the walk.
Timeline Peter meets the "Guv-na" Peter meets the governor of Alabama. Peter was intrigued by peoples accounts of him. Peter goes and meets him in his capital building. The 'Guv-na" likes Peter so much that he tells his state troopers to watch out for Peter on the road and offer assistance. This friendly encounter shatters Peter's expectations about the 'Deep South"
Timeline Peter has a change for the better Peter goes to a revival instead of a dope-head-smoke a lot party. He blames it on pictures, but his soul is searching for something. James Robinson, the speaker, gives such a powerful sermon that Peter gives his life to Christ. His life is now changed and he is happy that he has found what he's been looking for.
Timeline Peter gets a new walking partner Peter and Barbara go to church to look for a sign to see if she should accompany Peter on his journey. The preacher's mother gives a surprise sermon. Barbara gets the message she needed and decides to accompany Peter on his walk as he continues west out of New Orleans. This is a big moment in the book because Peter gets a new partner and the book ends with them getting ready to continue along the walk.
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