P.T Barnum's Life

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Timeline P.T.Barnum is born to Irena Taylor and Philo F. Barnum
Timeline Married Charity Hallet anad had 4 children
Timeline Began editing his own newspaper the Herald of Freedom
Timeline Stopped editing the Herald of Freedom
Timeline Featured Joice Heth "George whashington's" nurse P.T Barnum features Joice Heth a 161 year old african american slave and nurse to George Washington
Timeline Took a small circus on tour through the south
Timeline P.T began to exhibit the feejee mermaid
Timeline Opens Barnum's American Museum in nyc
Timeline Introduces European opera star Jenny Lind to audiences
Timeline His legendary circus travels the nation by train
Timeline Joins forces with James A. Bailey (Barnum & Bailey circus)
Timeline The massive elephant Jumbo joins his circus
Timeline P.T. Barnum died at the height of his popularity