P.T Barnum's Life

Timeline created by lwhitehead
  • P.T.Barnum is born to Irena Taylor and Philo F. Barnum

  • Married Charity Hallet anad had 4 children

  • Began editing his own newspaper the Herald of Freedom

  • Stopped editing the Herald of Freedom

  • Featured Joice Heth "George whashington's" nurse

    P.T Barnum features Joice Heth a 161 year old african american slave and nurse to George Washington
  • Took a small circus on tour through the south

  • P.T began to exhibit the feejee mermaid

  • Opens Barnum's American Museum in nyc

  • Introduces European opera star Jenny Lind to audiences

  • His legendary circus travels the nation by train

  • Joins forces with James A. Bailey (Barnum & Bailey circus)

  • The massive elephant Jumbo joins his circus

  • P.T. Barnum died at the height of his popularity