The Right Whale

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In History
  • Hunting Protection

    Protected from hunting by the IWC and its predecessor and is also protected in Canada, a non-member of the IWC. Date is within year.
  • The New England Aquarium’s Right Whale Research Project

  • Years of the North Atlantic Humpback (YONAH)

    Years of the North Atlantic Humpback (YONAH)Continued to 1993. Date is within year.
  • Put on Endangered List

    The Right Whale was placed on the endangerd species list. Date is within year.
  • Mandatory Ship Reporting Scheme

    In two areas in the right whale calving and summering grounds to enable vessels to be warned of right whales in the area. Regulations specify minimum approach distances for whale-watching and other vessels. Date is within year.
  • Increase Funding for Right Whales

    Activists sent nearly 5,000 messages to Capitol Hill who boosted the funds by $3 million over the previous year. Date is within year.
  • Increase Funding for Right Whale

    Activists sent more than 27,000 messages to their congressional representatives who increased funding for right whale conservation from the previous year's $4.1 million to $5 million. Date is within year.
  • Georgia's State Wildlife Action Plan

  • 2nd Annual Right Whale Festival

    Right Whale FestivalJacksonville Beach, Seawalk Pavilion