Spanish Influence in North America

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Timeline First Mission in California was built The first mission in California was founded by Father Serra
Timeline Spanish controlled California During the 1800s the Spanish controlled what is now California.
Timeline Independance Mexico won its independence from Spain.
Timeline Colonization Stephan Austin along with several hundred families relocated to Texas and formed a colony.
Timeline The Mexican Colonization Law was developed. It granted Americans settling in Texas: Tax Breaks, Cheap Land, and Additional protection through the Mexican Government.
Timeline Trade Relations between America and Mexico By the 1830s The US had trade relations with the spanish that occupied Mexico.
Timeline Mexican Government The MExican Government passed a law that foorbade any more Americans to settle in Texas.
Timeline President Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna was elected President of Mexico.
Timeline The Texas War for Independance The war for Texas independance was begining.
Timeline Citezens of Texas The citizens of Texas Elected Sam Houston as there President.
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Spanish Influence