The Life of John Cabot

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Aug 24th, 1451
Birth In 1451 John Cabot was born. No one is sure of the exact date that John Cabot was born. This is the same year that Christopher Columbus was born.
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Sep 26th, 1495
Along the coast John Cabot sailed to England with his family. They moved because he thought it would be easy to get sponsored
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Mar 5th, 1496
Good news This was a great day for John Cabot. This is the day that he was sponsored by King Henry VII.
May 20th, 1497
Out to sea This day was another exciting day for John Cabot. This was the day that John Cabot went to sea with 18 men. One was his son sebastion.
Jun 24th, 1497
Land at last John Cabot and his crew reached North America today. They finally made it!
Nov 27th, 1498
Another Voyage On his second journey John Cabot left with six ships. He sailed to the Northwest to the coast of Greenland.
Nov 27th, 1500
Vanishing On John Cabot's third and final expidition, he ran into some trouble. John Cabot disapeared and was shiprecked. He did not survive.
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Aug 24th, 1451

Jun 29th, 1500
The Life of John Cabot