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Hernando cortes 1st Dec, 1485 Cortes is born. Cortes is born in Medellin Spain
Timeline 27th Oct, 1504 Cortes is expelled from school. Cortes was expelled from Salamanca University which gave him the inspiration to travel.
Spanish ships of hernando cortes sailing to mexico c 1519 1st Nov, 1504 Cortes travels to the West Indies Cortes traveled to the West Indies where Velasques, the governer, gave him command of a fleet and sent on a voyage of discovery.
Timeline 27th Nov, 1511 Cortes spends years farming Cortes spends many years farming, mining and taking care of livestock.
1095 yucatanmap 18th Nov, 1518 Cortes lands on the Mexican coast. Cortes lands on the Mexican coast and gains leadership over the Totonics and Tlaxcalans tribes.
Timeline 18th Nov, 1519 Cortes enters Mexico city. Montezuma the sovereign of the country welcomed him and took him as his leader.
Timeline 27th Nov, 1521 Cortes gains power over Mexico The emperor, emporess , the ministers and whole court were in his power.
Timeline 1st Oct, 1533 Cortes discovers the peninsula of California He discovers the peninsula of California but then returned to Spain.
Timeline 2nd Dec, 1547 Cortes dies While living in Spain Cortes passes away.