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The California Gold Rush

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Sutters mill Sutters Mill is built in Coloma
Timeline Gold Discoverd at Sutter's Mill Sutter's MillJohn Marshall discovers gold in the sawmill during it's construction.
Man riding horse John Marshall reports the finding to John Sutter. Marshall rides to John Sutter's fort and tells him he has found gold.
Timeline John Sutter visits the discovery site himself. After viewing where the gold was found, John Sutter asks the mill workers to keep the discovery a secret.
Guadalupe hildalgo treaty The Treaty of Guadalupe Hildalgo. For more information...California is purchased by the U.S from Mexico for $15 million.
Timeline Sutter's Mill is completed. After completion the mill is tested and ready to operate.
Mormon miner Gold is discovered by Mormons! Mormons find gold on the South fork of the American River, the same day Sutter's Mill was completed.
Californian The Californian prints the first story about the discovery of gold. The Californian was a newspaper based out of San Francisco.
Timeline The news of the discovery of gold becomes widespread. A publisher of the newspaper California Star brings gold into the streets of San Francisco and the story is published. 2,000 copies reach as far as Missouri.
James polk President James K. Polk verifies the discovery of gold in California For more information on James K. Polk
Timeline Sutter's Mill sells lots near the river to prospectors.
Steamship oregon The Steamship Oregon arrives in San Francisco. The Oregon was from the Pacific Mail Steamship Co and it carried passengers and the first mail to California.
Wagon train The first wagon train departs from Missouri and Iowa. The wagon trained destined to California was estimated at 20,000 passengers.
Gold nugget Two gold nuggets found in the north fork of the American River. The nuggets were reported in The Placer Times as 40 oz and 25 lbs!
Gold rush sacramento 1849 A small goldrush occurs on the streets of Sacremento. Gold flakes are discovered on J street in Sacremento but the town is destroyed by a 10 day flood.
Miner49er California passes a foreign miner's tax. Miners have to pay $20 a month for a gold mining licence fee.
California California is admitted as a slave-free state. populationPopulation of California at this time was 90,000
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The California Gold Rush