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266px chinaimg
Printing Press in China In 105 Ts’ai Lun invented the process for manufacturing paper, introducing the first use in China
Jan 1st, 1436
The Begining Gutenberg begins to work on his own Printing press (ideafinder.com/history/inventions/printpress.htm)
Jan 1st, 1452
Johannes Gutenberg Johannes began printing the bible. he finished on the year 1456
Jan 1st, 1452
Johann Gutenberg In 1452, Johann Gutenberg combined known technologies from europe and Asia with his idea for molding movable type to create a printing press that changed the world.
(McDougal Littell World History Patterns of Interaction)
Jan 1st, 1455
Guenbergs Bible In 1455 decades later Guenberg's Bible was printed presses started porducing granders and dictionary's that increased literacy ("A Short History of the Printing Press")
Jan 1st, 1457
Pages Printed A page of Caxton's Recuuell of the Hystoryes of troye, printed at Bruges about 1475
Jan 1st, 1473
Printing in Lyons Guillame Le Roy introduced the Printing Press in Lyons in 1473 ("A Short history of the Printed World")
Nov 18th, 1477
First Dated Book The dictes or Sayings of the Philosophers was the first dated book printed in Engaland on Nov. 18, 1477 ("The Book")
Jan 1st, 1499
Printing All Around Europe Printing becomes known to more than 2500 cities around Europe (ideafinder.com/history/inventions/printpress.htm)
Almagest greek
Jan 1st, 1515
The Afters of the Printing Press After the printing press was invented the Almagest was soon to be printed. This was the first thing that was printed. (teachingcompany.12.forumer.com.a.3-truth.htm)
Thumbnail.aspx Ideas Expanding Later on the printing press turned into something bigger. Later a guy named Henry Mill created somthing that will turn out to be like the type writer. (ideafinder.com/history/inventors/sholes.htm)
Thumbnail.aspx Movable Type Besides your basic handwriting versions of making books Linotype was introduced (inventionreaction.com/famous-inventions/Printion-press)