The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Timeline created by BigZ
  • Getting Civilised

    Huck refuses all attempts to try and become civilised from Miss Watson, Widow Douglas' sister (person who took Huck in and looked after him).
  • New Robbers

    Huck isn't pleased when he finds out that he has o stay civilised when he wants to join Tom Sawyer's new gang of Robbers.
  • Pap

    Pap arives back in town demanding for Huck's money and he gets custody of Huck due to a new judge believing that he should custody of the boy.
  • Getting Drunk

    Huck tries to reform Pap from his old wys but sure enough, he returns back to his old ways of being a drunk and hangs around for several months whilst locking Huck up in his cabin.
  • Escape and Murder

    Huck finallly escapes from his father after being fed up of him and fearing that he may bad beating. He fakes his death by killling a pig and spraying it all over the place.
  • Jackson's Island

    Huck escapes to Jackson Island, there he watches the rest of the town trying to find his body. He meets Jim (one of Miss Watson's slaves fearing separation from his family), a run away slave who Huck decided to help although being slightly cautious due to his ethnic background.
  • Storm

    A storm on the Mississippi occcurs flooding it and they come across a log cabin with a dead man in it. Jim refuses to let Huck see who it is and they go. Later huck realises that it is his own father.
  • Up the Mississippi and Pirates

    Huck and Jim have to get off the island due a women seeing smoke on Jackson's island. They get a raft and head to go to the mouth of the Ohio river to the free states. On the way they nearly escape the wrath of pirates on a crashed steambot and take their loot.
  • Looking for escaped Slaves

    On one very foggy night, Huck and Jim miss the mouth to the Ohio river and encounter some men looking for a run awy slave but Huck lies and tells them that his father has small pox and need help. Weary of the disease, the band of men give Huck some money and rush away as quickly as possible. Afer not being able to back track their steps to the mouth of the Ohio rver, Huck and Jim decide to continue going down river.
  • Seperation and a Feud

    Huck and Jim get separated as a steamboat destroys their raft. Huck finds the Grangerfords a nice, southern, aristocrats in a fued with the Shepherdsons.
  • Huck finds Jim

    The feud between the Grangerfords and Shepherdsons kills many people from bothe sides of the family. Huck gets caught up in it all but finds Jim with a repaired raft and set off.
  • The Duke and the King

    Huck and Jim find two men that are being chased by a band of people and are obviously con men but powerless to get rid of them, they learn their identity. One says he is the displaced Duke of Bridgewater and the other says he is the long lost heir to the French throne (The Dauphin).
  • Con Men

    The Duke and the King do many scams and go from town to town but their worst and their most recent was pretending to be Peter Wilks' brothers and trying to claim his fortune. They come to house where they met three girls and Huck starts to admire the girls and thwart the plan.
  • The Gold

    Huck takes the gold and puts it in the dead Peter Wilks' coffin and reveals all to Mary Jane (the eldest neice to Peter Wilks and the supposed brothers). The Duke and the King get revealed when the real brothers to Peter turn up and just escape due to confusion. They get on the raft just as Huck and Jim set off.
  • The Phelpses

    After doing a few more scams, the Duke and the King commit their worst one yet by selling Jim to a farmer. Huck goes to the house where Jim is in chains and realises it is Aunt SAlly and Uncle Silas, Tom's relatives. Sally mistakes Huck for being Tom and welcomes him into the House.
  • Freeing Jim

    Huck intercepts Tom Sawyer between the Phelpses and the Steam Dock (Tom was visiting them that day) and forced him to pretend he was his younger brother Sid. Tom comes up with an elaborate plan to free Jim and eventually, after an eternity of preparation, free Jim.
  • A Free Man

    After freeing Jim, Tom get shot in the leg from his pursuers trying to get Jim. Huck is forced to get a doctor and they all end up back where they started (Jim was in irons again). The next morning Tom reveals that Jim is a free man as Miss Watson died two months earlier and Jim was a free man according to her will. Tom pays Jim for saying sorry as the escape plan was all just a game for Tom.
  • The End

    After realising that Huck's father is dead, Aunt Sally wants to adopt Huck but Huck has had enough civilizing and plans to go west...