Politics and The Olympics : Tommie Smith and John Carlos

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  • Receiving Awards

    Receiving Awards
    On the morning of October 16th, 1968, American athletes John Carlos and Tommie Smith along with Australian athlete Peter Norman placed in the 200 meter race. First-and-third place winners, Carlos and Smith, went to recieve their medals from the podium, both shoeless and wearing black socks to represent black poverty. Smith also wore a black scarf to represent black pride, whereas Carlos unzipped his tracksuit top in solidarity for blue collar workers and a necklace for POC who were victims.
  • Aftermath

    After their display of black power, Smith and Carlos were ostracized. Time magazine showed the five-ring Olympic logo with the words, "Angrier, Nastier, Uglier", instead of "Faster, Higher, Stronger", their families received death threats, and the athletes themselves were subject to unfair, racist criticism.
  • Sydney Film Festival

    Sydney Film Festival
    On June 8th, 2008, during the Sydney Film Festival, Salute was featured. The documentary centered around Smith and Carlos's salute at the 1968 Olympics, providing insight into the incident and covering the following criticism and dissent the two received. It also documents their reunion with fellow athlete Peter Norman, who showed his support for them by wearing an Olympic Project for Human Rights badge as he took the podium.