About Brittany McGowan

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  • My Birthday

    I was born at 1:29 a.m. on October 6th, 1989.
  • My Love for Animals Started

    I have and always will love animals.
  • My First Sister

    This was the day I became a big sister.
  • First Day of My Love for School

    This was my first day of Kindergarden and when I found my love and passion for school.
  • My Mini Me (sister #2)

    This was the day that my mini me was born. Our baby pictures look almost identical and people to this day still think she is mine.
  • I Moved Schools

    I moved schools for high school and to be close to my Grandma.
  • My First Marching Band Camp and Year of Marching Band

    This was my first year of marching band and when I found my love for colorguard. I am in the 3rd row from the bottom on the left side.
  • Started Dating My Soon to Be Husband

    We have been to gether almost 5 years and are getting married on June 2nd, 2012. He is a Music Business Major and plays 5 different Instuments.
  • Graduated High School

    My High School This was the day I graduated and started my journey to my college career.
  • Community College

    My Community College My one year at Bevill State Community College.
  • My Start At South Alabama

    South Alabama This was my start to the rest of my educational journey. I enrolled in the Fall of 2009 and plan on graduating with a degree in Elementary Education in the Fall of 2012.
  • EDM 310

    My Blog
    EDM 310 Class Blog I started EDM 310 with Dr. Strange and began to learn about technology and how to use it in ways I had never thought of. Feel free to contact me on my Twitter at butterfly11705 or my blog which is in a link above.
  • Period: to

    My 21 Years So Far

    This is my life from the time I was born until now. This is just some of the highlights and important dates to me.