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John rolfe4 the begining The Begining A ship brings a 24 year old farmer named John Rolfe comes to Jamestown
Pilgrim landing Plymouth Plymouth was founded
Images 5 months in plymouth 5 months pilgrims have been in plymouth
First thanksgiving pilgrims plymouth meal 398x336 thanksgiving Thanksgiving in Plymouth
Virginia 20,000 settlers settlers there are 20,000 settlers in Virgina
Franklinconstitutions first book published in america Bay psalm book is first book published in america
Images 1 War between indian tribes War between indian tribes and the pilgrims,pilgrims and the ally tribe win
Bullrun bullrun bull run second battle of bullrun
Images Steamboat Steamboat was invented making travel easier
Images british invade ship British search an american ship for contraban
Images Boston Massacure Boston Massacre angry mobs rome the streets of Boston and are shot this is known as the boston massacure
Images 1 Boston Tea Party Boston Tea Party a party of rebels threw tea in the harbor ths is known as Boston tea party
550px 1stamericanroadbuilders Congress Congress the American Congress is assebled
Images Daniel Boone Daniel Boone heads west with a party of 30 men
Images Battle of lexington Battle of Lexington The battle of Lexington
the first battle won by the patriots
Declaration of independence Declaration of Independence declaration of independence declaration of independence comes to be
British troops enter new york 1776 the British take over New york take over of new york New York comes under fire from british troops
Uel4p22 British surrender British surrender British General Burgoyne surrenders
Images Wasington Leaves Washinton leaves valley forge
Images British Leave british leave British surrender and leave America
Images Constitution constitution the constitution is signed
Images First President first president George Washington becomes president
Images 1 cotton gin cotton cotton gin was invented
Images 2 Telegraph Telegraph telegraph is invented
Images John Adams John adams becomes president
Images 2 washington leaves office washington president washington leaves the office
Images 1 John Adams leaves John adams leaves John Adams leaves office
1609 Thomas thomas jefferson thomas Jefferson Thomas jefferson is the 3rd president
Images Louisiana Purchase louisiana purchase Thomas Jefferson buys the Louisiana Purchase
Images 1 Louis and Clark Louis and ClarkLouis and Clark explore the Rocky Mountains
Images Louis and Clark Pacific Ocean Reach the pacific ocean Louis and Clark first men to reach the pacific ocean on land
Images Thomas Jefferson leaves Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson leave the office
Images Industrial Revolution industrial revolution the industrial revolution starts
Images 1 erie erie erie canal is opened to the public
Images 1 the alamo alamo the alamo falls
Images Millionaire invented millionaire the word millionaire is invented
Images 1 underground railroad underground underground railroad saves slaves
Aton1780l The Travel West wagon trail thousands of men, women, and children travel west
Images Wagon Train wagon trail wagon train heads west leader whas george Donner
Images slaves slaves slave owners go north in search of there slaves
Images uncle tom's cabin uncle tom uncle tomes cabin becones the best selling book after the bible
Images 1 Lincoln Lincoln becomes president
Images confederate states confederate confederate states are born
Images 1 civil war civil war civil war starts
Images 2 homestead homestead the homestead act comes to be
Images Robert E. Lee Robert E. Lee launches his greatest attack on the union.
Images Gettysburg Address Gettysburg Address Lincoln reads the Gettysburg Address
Images 1 Civil war ends end of the civil war the civil war ends
Images Lincoln is assasinated Lincoln is assasinated by john wilkes booth
Images 1 railroad railroad The railroad is finished
Images supplies civil war civil war leaves towns without supplies
Images 1 Buffalo buffalo one million bffalo shipped east by train
Images locusts locusts locusts eat mast of the crop in the east
Images 1 telephone telephone the telephone was invented
Images edison edison thomas edison invents the lightbulb
Images Clara Barton Clara Barton Clara Barton Founds the Red Cross
Images Statue statue the statue of liberty is sent over from france
Images statue finished Statue finished statue of liberty is finished
Images last buffalo last buffalo 85 buffalo in existince
Images last sunnie sunnie the last of the sunnie indians off a reservation die
Images Loggers loggers norwegin loggers come to america
Wagon train 1 travel east travel half the population in the west travel back east
Forest mau1 1 lumber lumber 2 million feet of lumber taken out of america
Dust storm 2 covered covered major cities were covered in filth
Elevator  1 otis otis otis invents the elevator
02 14 09 1 oil oil Hamel brothers find oil in texas
Window air conditioner spt 1 a/c is built a/c the first a/c is built
Flatiron building 1 Iron building iron building flat iron building was built
Statue of liberty lighthouse 1 Lighthouse lighthouse the statue of liberty quits acting as a lighthouse
Sewer system 1 sewer sewer every city had its own sewer system
Ford model t 1a 1 model t model t henry ford invents the model t car
1845 1 ready made ready made ready made clothes are invented for the population
140956981 54bcd913df 1 Burning Burning 100 girls burn in office building
Rosa parks 1 rosa parks rosa parks rosa parks was born the same day tubmen dies
Pontdugardaqueductnimesfrance 1 aquaduct aquaduct aquaduct to L.A. is finished
Roman aqueduct segovia segaq3 1 aquaduct aniverery aquaduct aniversery aquaducts firs aniversery
Throwing 20rocks 2 white white white bather kills african american with rocks
Prohibition 1 18th 18th amendment 18th amendment ratified
Segregation 1 segragation segragation segragation is used everywhere
Government 1 government government the government gives the ok to build the hoover dam
Y2tud00z 1 Mt rushmore mt rushmore mt rushmore is started
Valentines day 1 al capone al capone al capone sends out a hit on rival gang
1928 great depression 2  1 depression depression great depression is started
La 1 1 people people 20,000 people move to L.A.
Wash no 2244 1 start construction start construction hoover dam constructon is started
Theb1366 1 Dust Bowl Dust Bowl the Dust Bowl takes off across america
Hoover dam directions 1 finish construction finish construction the hoover dam is finished
Primary pics hydro completed 1 hydro hydro hoover dam is worlds biggest hydroelectric generator
800px joe louis   max schmeling   1936 1 boxing boxing matchboxing match between U.S. and Germany
Winback2 1024x768 1 boxing rematch boxing rematch rematch between U.S. and Germany
Imagescagsl303 finished rushmore finished mt rushmore mt rushmore is finished
G474789 1 Harbor harbor pearl harbor is bombed by japanese
040419 combatdrone hmed10a.grid 6x2 1 test bombing test bombing test bombing of planes
London blitz 1 bombing bombing bombing during the day
Storming normandy in a world war ii jeep dsc 0757 cd gallery 1 jeep jeep jeeps are use in the war
Wwii draft card illinois 1 draft draft 10,000,00 americans drafted
B 17 n 1 B-17 B-17 B-17 bombers used in world war 2
Operation overlord landing craft 1 overlord overlord operation overlord goes into effect
Cold war 1 cold cold cold war starts
Small boy nuclear test 1962 1 atomic atomic atomic bomb tested in new mexico
Hiroshima damage 1 hiroshima hiroshima bombing of hiroshima
Nagasaki 001 1 nagasaki nagasaki bombing of nagasaki
Baby boom 1 baby boom baby boom the baby boom starts
F381a9af 6fb3 29ff 76a1 0aa6e79ee849 nationalguard 1 military military military dissegragates
Hollywood sign 4728 1 hollywood hollywood hollywood sign changed
Credit card 1 credit credit first credit card was invented
Topol m  20intercontinental missile ballistic system russian army russia 001 1 missle missle first intercontinental missle
Eisenhower2 1 eisenhower eisenhower becomes president
Jfk 1 JFK JFK becomes president
Home collage3 1 cuban cuban missle crisis starts
Images 9 mlk mlk reads his i have a dream speach
Vietnamwar 1 vietnam vietnam america goes into vietnam
Apollo 11 moon landing 3 1 Landed landed neil armstrong landed on the moon
Herb at woodstock 1 woodstock woodstock concert was happening
Kentstate dead4 1 kent kent state massacure
Nixonresignation 1 watergate watergate got stolen from
War02 1 war ends war ends vietnam war is over
Challenger explosion 1 challenger challenger the space shuttle challenger explodes
Reagon 1 reagan reagan ronald reagan becomes president
Sept11 1 terrorism terrorism on this day two planes crash into the world trade center, one crashed into the pentagon, and one crashes in a field in pensilvania by terrorists
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