Occupational Therapy History by Founder Dates

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  • Hall establishes a facility where his "work cure" is practiced.

    Herbert Hall was a physician who believed that crafts could be beneficial to patients. He used what he coined a "work cure" at his facitlity in Massachusetts where patients did arts and crafts as part of their therapy.
  • Tracy begins work at Adams Nervine Asylum

    Susan Tracy developed an occupational program for the patients and went on to teach nursing students as well. She was very instrumental in the early training of occupational therapists.
  • Slagle trains in curative operations

    Eleanor Clarke Slage, the mother of occupational therapy, begins her training at Chicago School of Civics and Philanthropy.
  • Dunton implements craft treatment at Sheppard Asylum

    William Rush Dunton, Jr. is known as the father of occupational therapy. Around 1910, he helped create a system for using crafts in the treatment of patients at Sheppard Asylum. Patients were expected to help complete tasks in an on-site workshop.
  • Slagle moves to John Hopkins Hospital

    Eleanor Clarke Slagle is asked to head the new occupational therapy department at the psychiatric clinic of John Hopkins. It is there she develops Habit Training.
  • Barton opens Consolation House

    George Edward Barton, a disabled architect, opened the Consolation House where he used occupation as a treatment.
  • Duton publishes "Occupational Therapy: A Manual for Nurses"

    Dunton publishes "Occupational Therapy: A Manual for Nurses" to teach nurses about simple tasks that could be used in treatment.
  • Kidner is appointed Vocational Secretary of the Canadian Military Hospitals Commission

    Thomas Kidner used this appointment to create a system for veterans that included vocational rehabilitation. He also included specific working spaces for OT in facilities developed for people with disabilities.
  • Birth of occupational therapy

    Barton, Dunton, Slagle, Johnson and Kiner along with Isabel Newton meet and create the National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy.
  • First meeting of National Society for the Pormotion of Occupational Therapy

    26 people met at this meeting.
  • Meyer delivers keynote address at the National Society for Promotion of Occupational Therapy annual meeting

    Adolf Meyer is not considered a founder of occupational therapy, but his ideas and philosophy heavily influenced the fledgling profession.
  • Period: to

    Moral Treatment Movement

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    Phillippe Pinel and William Tuke believe in humane treatment of patients. They are not considered founders of OT, but without their ground work OT might not have been possible.
  • Period: to

    Hall serves as president.

    Herbert Hall served as President of the National Society for the Promotion of Occupational Therapy from 1920-1923.