The History of Floral Design

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Yellow flowers
Greek Period The Greek period lasted from 600-146BC No vases or boquets were used in floral design. Flowers were often scattered on the ground or worn as wreaths around the head. Each flower symbolized a god or hero.
Dragon vase
Middle Ages Middle Ages were frowm 476-1450AD Flowers were popularly grown and cultivated by many people. They were often used to freshen the air. Some started to use containers to hold the flowers in (Chinese used porcelain vases with highly decorated birds, lions and dragons).
Jan 1st, 1301
Renaissance The Renaissance occured in the 14th century in Italy. Florists designed in bright colors and made very large, tall and pyrimidal/ symmetrically balanced boquets. They used massive metal urns to hold the flowers. Many used white lilys (representing chastity and fertility) and roses (representative of sacred or profane love).
Flower arrangement
Jan 1st, 1401
Baroque Period The Baroque period lasted from the 14th century to the 17th century. Most people could afford to buy flowers at this time. The flowers became more expressive and creative and florists designed with curved lines. They made overflowing boquets as well. The Hogarth Curve (an asymmetrical and 's' shaped floral design) was created by William Hogarth.
Jan 1st, 1500
Dutch/ Flemish Period The Dutch/Flemish period lasted from the 14th-17th century alongside the Baroque Period. Designers started to use many varieties of flowers and were based around curved lines. The arrangements were typically higher than the heighth of the vase.
Simple French Period The French Period lasted from the 17th-18th century. This was considered the Grand Era. It consisted of classical floral arrangements and was considered to be very calssy and elegant. Many deigns were fan shaped and they had more of a feminine apeal. The vases were highly decorative and made of porcelain.
Nosegay 2 English-Georgian Period The English-Georgian Period started in the 18th century, This time period was named for the English King George. The Nosgay and tussy-mussy were created in order to protect those who were allergic to flowers.
Flower arrangement Victorian Era The Victorian Era lasted from 1837-1901AD. Poor design was common in this era. They were assymetrical and had no focal point to draw the attention of viewers. They were the first to create floral design schools so that floral arrangements could look more professional.
Corsages2 Modern Day Floral Design Modern day floral design started in 1917, Corsages became very popular in the 1920's. Most floral designs required a creative mind to come up with new and innovative designs.
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