Trojan War Timeline

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Trojanwar 074 4th Aug, 1183 The Mourning of Achilles
Trojanedit1 11th Oct, 1183 The Auction of Achilles' Armor
Trojanedit2 13th Oct, 1183 Ajaxs' Killing Spree
Trojanwaredit3 15th Oct, 1183 The Aftermath of Ajax's Killing Spree Ajax and Odysseus were competing for Achilles Armor. Ajax did not fear that he would loose; however, his hopes were crushed because in deed it was Odysseus that won. Ajax was mad about this fact, and so he went home. He was very standoffish towards his wife, and did not really tell her what was going on. In the middle of the night, Ajax woke up and went outside and performed a killing spree, in which he killed animals. He then killed himself by putting his sword through his stomach.
Trojanwar 051 15th Nov, 1183 The Search of Pyrrhus Pyrrhus was Achilles “unknown” son. Achilles had a wife and a child. Achilles had died in battle, and now Agamemnon and Odysseus were looking for someone to take Achilles place, and who better than his own flesh and blood son to do the job? Odysseus set out to find Pyrrhus and when he did, he told him that he would be the perfect replacement for his father, and willingly Pyrrhus accepted the offer.
Trojanwar 058 15th Dec, 1183 Pyrrhus Joins the Battle Pyrrhus was used to deceive Philoctetes and retrieve the bow and arrow. As soon as Pyrrhus was taken from his home, he was immediately used for the war. Pyrrhus being Achilles son was expected to be great in war. They wanted him to trick Philoctetes; however, Pyrrhus was to kind to be beguiling and told Philoctetes the truth.
Trojanwar 030 10th Jan, 1184 Philoctetes' Banishment Philoctetes was Hercules’ friend, and because he lit Hercules funeral pyre when nobody else did, he received Hercules’ bow and arrows. He sailed with seven ships full of men to the Trojan War. They either stopped in Chryse for supplies, or in Tenedos along with the other ships. He was then bitten by a snake. Since the wound festered and had a foul smell, Odysseus ordered him to stay on Lemnos. Medon took control of his men while he was exiled on Lemnos for ten years.
Trojanwar 034 17th Feb, 1184 Convincing of Philoctetes Convincing of Philoctetes
After the tenth year at war with Troy, it was prophesized that Troy cannot be taken without the bow of Hercules, which was currently being held by Philoctetes. The Greeks knew that the arrows had a great poison on them, and that even a scratch from one was considered death, so Odysseus came up with a plan. He would take Pyrrhus with him, since Pyrrhus was not known of when Philoctetes was left on the island; Philoctetes would not think that Pyrrhus was suspicious.
Trojanwar 067 19th Mar, 1184 Paris is Struck
Trojanedit4 4th Apr, 1184 Oenone's Medicine
Trojanwar 017 5th Apr, 1184 The Death of Paris After Paris was refused help by Oenone he was carried back to his home. He requested to be taken home, so he could see Helen again. When they arrived at the gate of his home it was already dark. One of the bearers told the news that Paris had died on their trip back to Ida.
Trojanwar 021 6th Apr, 1184 Oenone's Change of Mind Oenone shows up at the gates of the home of Paris and Helen. She tells the guards to let her in, and that she has brought the supplies needed to heal Paris. The guards refuse to let Oenone in thinking she might be a spy, so she argues with them. The guards finally tell her that Paris has died. Oenone is extremely upset and she begins to cry. A guard yelled for her to go home and threw his javelin in the direction of the noise she was making. The noise stopped abruptly and silence fell over.
Trojanwar 026 3rd Jun, 1184 Stealing of the Palladium The Palladium was a wooden image that was supposedly ‘fallen from heaven’ as a symbol of the God’s favor for Troy. The Trojan’s kept it in a wooden temple and thought it was safe from any thieves. Odysseus and Diomede take on the nearly impossible task of climbing the wall and stealing it. Diomede feels it is his time to be in the spot light so he is the one who climbs over and steals this wooden trinket for the Greeks.
Trojanwar 069 4th Aug, 1184 The Trojan Horse The Greeks knew that they had to figure out a way to get into the protective walls of Troy. Finally they came up with a plan. The Greeks built a tall wooden horse and hollowed it out. They put some of their best soldiers inside the horse and took it to the gates of Troy. The Trojans looked up at it from its tall wooden legs and decided it must be a gift from the Gods. They took the horse into their city, as to not be disrespectful to their Gods.
Trojanwar 086 5th Aug, 1184 Laocoon's Warning One man in Troy was particularly against the giant wooden horse that had come through the gates of Troy. That man was a priest of the name Laocoon. He told the Trojans that he did not think it was a gift from the Gods, but a trap. After he had made his argument against the horse a sea serpent rose from the water and killed Laocoon and his two sons. The city saw this as a sign from the Gods that Laocoon was wrong, and that the horse was safe.
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29th Aug, 1184
29th Aug, 1194
Trojan War Timeline: Fuson pp 146-194