100 Days of Coalition Government and the voluntary and community sector

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Timeline Coalition agreement launched by Cameron and Clegg in the Rose Garden of Number 10. Coalition Agreement
Timeline Francis Maude appointed Minister for the Cabinet Office. Francis Maude appointed Minister for the Cabinet Office.
Timeline Nick Hurd appointed Minister for Civil Society. Nick Hurd appointed Minister for Civil Society.
Timeline Big Society roundtable Big Society roundtable at Number 10, co-chaired by Cameron and Clegg. Launch of the Coalition Government’s Big Society Paper and appointment of Nat Wei, Founder of Teach First, to the House of Lords and as advisor to the Government on Big Society.
Timeline Full coalition agreement published Full coalition agreement published. Commits the Government to support charities and social enterprises and the expansion of mutuals and co-operatives; the establishment of a Big Society Bank; a new generation of community organisers; and a national citizens service.
Timeline Public Sector Transparency Board Establishment of the new Public Sector Transparency Board based at the Cabinet Office, chaired by Francis Maude
Timeline Francis Maude speech In his first keynote speech, Francis Maude, calls for a radical shift in the relationship between citizens and the state.
Timeline Vetting and Barring Scheme The Home Office halts the Vetting and Barring Registration Scheme while it remodels the system to achieve ‘proportionate, common sense levels’.
Timeline Future Jobs Fund cut The coalition cancels £10.5bn worth of pre-election Labour projects including new libraries, hospitals and the Future Jobs Fund.
Timeline Legal Aid review A fundamental look at Legal Aid launched by the Ministry of Justice.
Timeline Regional Development Agencies abolished RDAs are to be replaced with ‘local enterprise partnerships’ (LEPs) to help rebalance economy towards the private sector. No inidication given that the voluntary and community sector will be included in LEPs remit.
Timeline VAT Increased MPs vote 321 to 246 in favour of the Coalition's plan to increase VAT to 20 per cent from January next year. An amendment to exclude charities from the increase was defeated. CTG estimates this will cost the sector £140 million a year.
Timeline Big Society ministerial committee Francis Maude will chair a ministerial committee on the Big Society.
Timeline Regional Strategies revoked by CLG. Regional Strategies revoked by CLG.
Timeline Spending Review launched The Chancellor, George Osborne, launches the spending review asking the general public and public sector workers for their ideas on how to curb public spending. The Spending Review, which will set out how much each department will have to spend will be published on 20 October.
Timeline NHS reorganisation The Department of Health publishes a white paper setting out the Government’s long term vision for the NHS which includes moves to hand commissioning responsibilities to clinicians.
Timeline Big Society Bank During Cabinet Office questions, Nick Hurd said that the Big Society Bank would be established by April 2011
Timeline NHS and the voluntary sector Andrew Lansley promises NHS reforms will produce opportunities for the voluntary sector.
Timeline Big Lottery Fund DCMS announces that the voluntary and community sector’s share of ‘good cause’ money from the Big Lottery Fund will be reduced from 50 per cent to 40 per cent in September. They also guarantee that 100% of the money from the Big Lottery Fund will go direct to the voluntary and community sector.
Timeline PM speech on Big Society The PM gives a key note speech in Liverpool on what the Big Society means and how it will be realised, announcing that community groups in four areas will receive advisory assistance and a team of civil servants from CLG.
Timeline Big Society Bank capital Government sources say the Big Society Bank will start with between £60m and £100m.
Timeline Big Society round table The first Big Society Round Table, attended by CLG Ministers and representatives from 15 community organisations, took place in London
Timeline PM launches National Citizen Service The Prime Minister announces plans to launch National Citizen Service pilots for young people.
Timeline Refocusing Big Lottery funds In a Westminster Hall debate, DCMS Minister John Penrose said Big Lottery Fund money will be refocused away from statutory bodies back to voluntary groups.
Timeline Cabinet Office publishes reform plans The Cabinet Office has published a Political Reform Draft Structural Reform Plan which addresses its Localism and Decentralisation agenda timeframe.
Timeline Academies Bill becomes law The Academies Bill became an Act of Parliament. This paves the way for parents, charities and other organisations to set up controversial Swedish-style "free schools".
Timeline CLG localism inquiry The CLG select committee announces an inquiry into the Government’s plans for localism.
Timeline DCMS launches Big Lottery consultation DCMS launches a consultation on the change to policy direction for the Big Lottery Fund.
Timeline DWP launches consultations The DWP launched its ‘21st Century Welfare’ and ‘The Work Capability Assessment’ consultations.
Timeline Pathfinder mutuals launched The first wave of Pathfinder mutuals, to be run by entrepreneurial public sector staff, who want to take control of their services, announced by Cabinet Office.
Timeline Audit Commission scrapped Eric Pickles announces plans to scrap the Audit Commission.
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100 days of Coalition Government