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Game boy 1 THE ORIGINAL GAME BOY The first game boy came out in japan on the 21st april 1989 by a man called Gunpei Yokoi.
Game boy 2 play it loud In 1995 nintendo released a new game boy called play it lowed which come in different colours and themes
Super mario land edit the very first mario game for the game boy
Game boy 3 Game Boy pocket The Game boy pocket was released in 1996 a smaller, lighter unit that requires fewer batteries and also had a larger screen
Game boy 5 The Game Boy light the game boy light was only avaliable in japan it is one of the rarestgame boys there is. the game boy light was slightly bigger then the game boy pocket
Gameboycolor2 the game boy colour the game boy colour was released in japan on october 21st 1998, the game boy colour had colour in the screen and was also slightly bigger than the game boy pocket and had 3 times as much memory
Game boy 4 the game boy advance the game boy advance was released in Japan, on March 21, 2001.
This was the first game to have LEFT AND RIGHT TOP BUTTONS.
Game boy 6 the game boy advance sp First released in Japan February 14, 2003. The game boy advance sp was the very first game boy to have a flip up screen.
Nin the nintendo ds
Game boy micro The game boy micro the game boy is the 3 game boy advance, eith a 4 inch screen.
the game boy micro celebrated the game boy's 20th annaversary
Game boy 7 nintendo ds light