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  • marquis mlls converse

    marquis mlls converse
    marquis mills converse founds the Converse Rubber Shoe Company in Malden, MA.
  • lots of shoes

    lots of shoes
    By 1910 the Converse Company was producing 4,000 shoes daily
  • tennis shoes

    tennis shoes
    but it wasn't until 1912, that the company first started producing athletic shoes for tennis.
  • basket-ball shoes

    basket-ball shoes
    In 1917, basketball was revolutionized by the introduction of the world's first performance basketball shoes, the Converse All Star.
  • charles.h taylor

    charles.h taylor
    Charles H. Taylor, a basketball player from the Akron Firestones, acquired his first pair of All Star shoes, and while wearing his Converse shoes, he introduced basketball as a sport to Americans across the country.
  • its official

    its official
    Charles Chuck Taylor officially joined Converse in 1921 as America 's first player endorser; Chuck's signature was added two years later in the All Star patch.
  • olypic sport

    olypic sport
    In 1936 basketball had its Olympic debut, and was finally played as an Official Olympic sport for the first time; the U.S team defeated Canada wearing Converse All Star shoes.
  • war

    In December of 1941 America entered the World War II, taking Converse into a new phase. That year Converse changed its production, and started to manufacture boots, rubber protective suits, and ponchos for pilots and troops.