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Christopher Columbus Discovers America - 1492

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255 1556 3rd Aug, 1492 First Voyage Christopher Columbus departed on his first voyage from the Port of Palos
Images 6th Sep, 1492 Left Canary Islands
Images 1 12th Oct, 1492 Arrived at Bahamas Click Here to go to websiteArrive at the Bahamas where Christopher Columbus named five islands: San Salvador, Santa Maria de la Conception, Fernandina, Isabela, and Las Islas de Arena.
Images 2 28th Oct, 1492 Went to Cuba
Images 3 22nd Nov, 1492 Captain Martin Alonso Pinzon-Captain of the Pinta Click Here
Images 4 5th Dec, 1492 Arrive on Hispaniola
Timeline 24th Dec, 1492 Columbus built a fort on La Navidad
Images 5 2nd Jan, 1493 Columbus left the fort Columbus left the fort and left about 40 men behind because the Nina did not have enough room.
Timeline 6th Jan, 1493 Columbus was reunited with the Pinta
Images 6 16th Jan, 1493 Christopher Columbus headed for Spain Click here
Timeline 14th Feb, 1493 The Pinta and Nina were separated during a fierce storm
Timeline 15th Mar, 1493 The Pinta and Nina arrive separately in Palos ,Spain
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3rd Aug, 1492
6th Sep, 1492
Landed on Canary Islands Columbus landed on Canary Islands first. He stayed there for 4 weeks. Not exactly sure when he landed.